Every entrepreneur knows the importance of time management. Sometimes in order to keep on track, you have to multitask. And in that pursuit, many of us reach out to podcasts. For entrepreneurs, there is an incredibly diverse field of podcasts to choose from, most of which aren’t necessarily the highest quality. 

How I Built This

This podcast, hosted by Guy Raz, is one of the most traditional podcasts on this list. Guy interviews entrepreneurs from every industry imaginable, and explores their thoughts on what happened before, after, and during their big breaks.

Guy doesn’t shy from difficult conversations about how success – and lack thereof – affected his guest’s personal lives, including their relationships with family and friends. The stories are inspirational and touching in equal measure, this is a must-listen

School of Greatness

This podcast has one of the most robust libraries of past episodes to look through. With over 500 hours of content including interviews with greats like Tony Robbins and Tim Ferriss, this podcast can be an incredible resource. Much like other podcasts on this lists, host Lewis Howes really explores how one can apply different skillsets and concepts to many different aspects of your life.

GreenPlanet BluePlanet

This podcast is inspiring to many thanks to its consideration of the environment. Because of how big businesses often let environmentalism fall to the wayside, younger generations are flocking o smaller businesses that put it front and center. Host Julian Guderley platforms his guests, offering them a space to offer up solutions and theories about how to incorporate sustainability, environmental consciousness, and spirituality into entrepreneurship and businesses.

Impact Theory

Tom Bilyeu hosts this podcast, a more philosophical and high-minded exploration of entrepreneurship. His guests are brilliant entrepreneurs who think deeply about the effects they have upon their industries, communities, and businesses. The questions asked and explored are jumping-off points for thinking about how the skills and ideas used for entrepreneurship are really skills and ideas for life.

Everyday Wellness

Whether starting or reinvigorating a business, putting ample work into a concept can be difficult. Long hours, skipped lunches, missed nights of sleep… it can be a struggle to stay healthy during the peak work seasons of a startup. This is why the last podcast I’ll suggest is dedicated to looking inward, thinking about how to stay happy and healthy as you work to achieve your goals. 

This blog was originally published on James Crickmore’s website.