Friends with benefits relationships have always been popular and desired but for a long time they were kept secret. That has started to change and more people than ever have started to look for friends with benefits. The new way to find a FWB relationship is with online FWB apps. Why have these apps become so popular?

More Accepting Society

Society has progressed a lot when it comes to acceptance of sexual activities and desires. Whether it be gay rights, transgender acceptance, or accepting alternative relationships such as friends with benefits, more and more acceptance has grown amongst the world. Greater acceptance has led to more people being willing to come out and seek a FWB relationship. The easiest way to find one of these relationships is with a FWB app.

Easy Access To Interested People

Going out to a bar or looking around town for a friend with benefits takes a fair amount of time. You have to be prepared for a lot of people who are not interested. Finding others who want a FWB isn’t as simple as showing up somewhere.

People have turned to FWB sites like  FWBdatingonly, Tinder or OkCupid or in order to find partners because it is far easier to find those who are interested. Instead of having to talk to everyone, you only interact with other users who are interested in a FWB relationship. You can save a lot of time and awkwardness this way.

Not only are interested people easy to find, you can find those you may not have run into otherwise. Such as those who live a bit further away or those who are more shy.

Can Easily Find Numerous FWB

Friends with benefits relationships are meant to be free. You don’t have any commitments. That means you can have more than one partner if you want. A FWB app makes it very easy to find as many friends as you want. You can easily find numerous FWB online.

Instead of taking a lot of time to find just one person, every user is at your fingertips.

Easy To Communicate

A lot of us hate to admit that we have anxiety when it comes to meeting new people but most of us do. Having a FWB app allows you to talk to people with messages before you have to see them face to face. Time spent messaging helps to break the ice and reduce anxiety. It is also a quick method of communication.

Talking online won’t completely remove the first meeting jitters but it can do a lot to help quash them. Take the time to discuss anything that will make you feel more comfortable but don’t exchange too much face time for messaging as the other person might think you are a flake.

It Doesn’t Take Much Work

We are all lazy. If there is an easy way to get something we want to follow the path of least resistance. Online dating is very easy but finding a FWB online is even easier. There are millions of people online looking for friends with benefits and using an app that only takes a few minutes investment to start is a lot easier.

Signing up and finding a FWB on a FWB app is simple and easy. The fact that we always have our phones with us makes it even more enticing. After you have seen just the major attractions of these apps, why would you want to go about finding a FWB relationship any other way?