John Ford once said, “You can speak well if your tongue can deliver the message of your heart.” Rightly so as this is the rule that most public speakers abide by. For any speaker, the worst nightmare of his life is delivering a speech that is totally boring and off the radar. The maximum they want to achieve is having a speech impact that would leave the audience empowered and motivated. Here are according to us 5 powerful tips that would help you do so effectively.

Consider the audience needs

It is crucial to understand the audience’s needs before you even start planning your script. As per Nick Morgan Speech coach “A great speech is partially about you. It is also about the audience and the occasion.” Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Who is the audience?
  • What does it want from me?
  • What fears it is harbouring that I can help in tackling?
  • What is happening in the minds of these people as of now?
  • How can I through my speech guide them out?

Catch audience attention

You have to find a great hook that is going to keep them entangled in what you are speaking. Essentially for any speech to be effective and be able to generate results you have to frame the initial few minutes of your speech such that the audience gets totally absorbed. However, the conversation should not be preachy asking them to do something. It should be presented in a story format so that the audience can relate and want to practice what is being said.

Next 15 minutes are crucial too

If you give the audience a strong beginning that does not mean the rest of the portions can be ignored. You will have to make your speech such that the audience gets very little time to get distracted. Take some time and decide how you are going to be able to do that. Mostly the answer to this lies in the question: What problem the audience has to which this information can provide answers?

Find a solution to their issue

The speech that you have written should not be only about the problem that they are facing. It should also offer a solution to the same. When the audience receives the right answers, they are bound to feel empowered and want to bring a change in their life.

Offer a call to action

The best way to end your speech is to offer them something important to do. This is also an opportunity for marketing for speakers. This is crucial because you have until now enticed some passive minds to do something actively. Now if you do not give them what they can do the enthusiasm initiated is going to fizzle out. Decide what you want them to do after the speech is over and present it to them. If they agree to it your task is nearly accomplished.


Marcus. T. Cicero once said, “A good orator is pointed and compassioned.” We agree with the same and you should also grasp how to do that. Once these basic nuances are taken care of it won’t be much time before your audience starts loving your speeches and practices what you preach.