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Artists have been using art to express themselves. It’s also a medium to let go of the emotions a person has within themselves. Art gives us a sense of freedom.

People and Art

There are hundreds of amazing things that art can do. We may not notice it’s value to our lives but everything around us is art. It usually comes out of us naturally and in any form. Sometimes art is full of emotions and feelings that it affects us in a way that we don’t understand. But art can also be a way for us to see the bigger picture.

According to Ashford University, our brain undergoes changes when interacting with art. There are many more studies that prove the power of art. And here are some of the powerful things that art can do to us.

1. Art Allows You to Express Yourself

Some people don’t usually find the right words to express themselves. Some are even anxious that society will misunderstand them.  But through the power of art, people come closer together. You don’t have to say a single word to tell another person what you feel or what you think. You have to let all the emotion out in whatever medium of art you’re comfortable with. 

Expressing yourself through art can give you a light feeling of relief. It’s healthy and free. Creating artwork can help you cope with different emotions that may limit your productivity. It can also help reduce stress and depression. Telling someone how you feel may be hard but through art, you can be who you are.

2.  Art Can Make You Feel

Our engagement with art involves other people in the community. One art can touch many people. As stated by the World Economic Forum, we all know the feeling of being moved by a piece of artwork.  It helps us identify our own emotion. And when art makes you feel something, you tend to stop and meditate. Then you ask yourself. What does this art mean? Why do I feel a sudden rush of emotions when I look at this piece of creation?

This is one of art’s greatest mysteries.  Turns out artworks absorb their creator’s feelings and emotions.  One perfect example of a masterpiece is the natural scenery our planet has. Our mountains and oceans were perfectly drawn. And we all know that nature has its way to make us feel. It can comfort us and heal us in ways we don’t understand.

3. Art Affects Your Well-Being

If an art taught you how to feel again, consider it a sign that your well-being is touched.  Studies had shown that art therapy has an effect on people who are suffering from depression. Improvement from them can be seen than those people who do not undergo art therapy. We may throw in questions like what do arts have and why can it heal us? Then ask that question to yourself. What does art have? Why does it affect you that much?

You may say that you don’t like anything that is artsy and that it doesn’t heal you. But have you ever went on to a vacation where nature mesmerize you? Have you ever jumped into the open sea and then suddenly you feel so alive? Have you ever find comfort with music or with a piece of literature? Everything around us is art. The buildings, the trees, the cars on a busy street, everything.

4. Art Can Communicate Anywhere in the World

The Guitarist, Pablo Picasso
The Guitarist, Pablo Picasso

When words don’t speak, art takes over. It’s a kind of specialized communication that does not need language. By looking at it, you can build a connection. We also have the tendency to not care about what other people tell us. We create barriers and gaps. But through art, we can empathize with what the other person feels. We may not know that person but we tend to build bridges to reach them. 

Artists have a way of delivering messages into the world. They use art as a medium to inform and empower global communities. Through art, social issues that are sensitive can be depicted.

5. Art Can Change Lives

Brooklyn Bridge from Enjoy Canvas
Brooklyn Bridge from Enjoy Canvas

Change is the only constant thing in the world. Everything around us keeps on evolving. And so is art. It has changed lives for the past hundreds of years. It continues to make history while celebrating the present.

Art has a therapeutic effect on both the artist and the aesthete. Many people had confessed to have been inspired by art. They use art as a motivation to find a new meaning in life. It makes all the struggles bearable. That is why some people choose to occupy empty wall spaces and turn it into a gallery wall. According to The Guardian, an artwork can boost employee’s productivity. It can even decrease stress. That’s how important art can be in our lives.