Alignment is a feeling. It’s that sense of ease and flow you get by making decisions and taking the steps that are for your highest good. They just feel right, light and freeing – and joy-filled.

Sounds lovely, right? But it’s so hard to stay in alignment! There’s so much noise in our world telling us what we should be, think, look like and feel. Getting into and staying in your alignment means blocking out the noise bombarding you, and standing in your own power.

How can you do that? Here are 5 daily practices to get you on your path to alignment.

1 Just breathe.

How you start your day matters. Are you someone who hits snooze three times and then jumps out of bed only to rush around to get yourself, the kids, the dog ready for the day before you bolt out the door? This sets your body and mind up to be in fight or flight for the day.

Take the first 5 to 20 minutes of the day to just breathe. You can hit snooze and allow that to be your timer. Focus on your breath and you’ll discover a sense of calm and focus to start your day. You’ll feel more energized and more productive. You’ll be better able to listen to what your body, mind and soul are telling you.

2 Get grounded.

Grounding is a visualization technique to help you align your energies and orient yourself on the planet. When you become ungrounded, you may feel flighty, disoriented, dizzy or out of sorts.

To ground, simply visualize energy flowing into the crown of your head, filling your whole being and energy field and penetrating out your feet all the way to the centre of the planet.

Next, visualize earth energy coming up and entering your feet and coming all the way up to your crown. You can also imaging tree roots coming out of the bottoms of your feet, spreading beneath you to root you into the earth, while also nourishing you with earth energies.

3 Create space in your life.

We tend to jam, rush, and completely fill every minute and every space. Create energetic space by purging things, stuff, clothes, piles of papers, overfilled drawers, cupboards and closets. Eliminate those things in your life that are taking up mental energy. Small things can cause big annoyances that can drain you. I recently cleaned out my tea cupboard because whenever I opened the door bags would fall out!

Start small and then move to bigger projects to declutter things weighing you down, and free up mental and emotional space in your life.

4 Set clear boundaries.

This is part of creating space in your life. Maybe you have a hard time saying no and have filled your calendar. When you look at the items on your calendar do you feel excited or dread? For the engagements and commitments that feel heavy, consider eliminating them to free up time to rest, relax or to do something that brings you joy! Give yourself permission to say no thank you to things that don’t light you up.

Having clear boundaries for yourself, garners respect and let’s family, friends and colleagues know how to interact with you, respectfully.

5 Get clear on your values, then live them.

What do you believe in at your core? Do you live in accordance, in alignment with those values? When we hold our core values in our hearts, but don’t always live by them, we can fall out of alignment.

You may get niggling feelings that something just doesn’t feel right. You might feel agitated, restless or, when you come to an energy healing practitioner for support, your solar plexus chakra may need extra attention. Living your values with sets your foundation for making decisions, setting those clear boundaries and allows your heart and soul be connected, sure, and aligned.

There are endless ways of finding alignment with your body, mind and soul, and this is just a sample. Explore what ways work for you.