Pranayamas is an ancient India’s breathing practice. It is also known as a form of yoga. Pranayama includes various breathing exercises, we never focus on how we breathe but these breathing exercises are very helpful in the treatment of various diseases.

Pranayamas mainly focuses on the purification respiratory system, that’s why a study shows that pranayamas are very helpful in the treatment of diseases like asthma.

If you are stressed out then pranayamas can be a solution to calm your mind, just find a silent place and start practicing. It just takes barely 15 minutes to do that.

Here is the list of some amazing pranayamas.

1. Alternate Nostril Exercise

It is also known as the Anulom Vilom pranayama in sanskrit. This breathing exercise includes breathing from alternate nostrils. This exercise cleans nostrils, nadis, and sinus. It is also helpful in the activation left and right side of the brain simultaneously.

How to do:-

Focus on your breathing, close your right nostril with your thumb and inhale slowly, fill your lungs with air. Remove your thumb and using your ring finger close your left nostril and exhale. Repeat this process for up to 20-30 times then relax.

2. Skull Shine exercise

Kapalbhati is the sanskrit name of skull shine exercise. It called skull shine exercise as it improves the blood circulation and purifies the blood, therefore resulting in the natural glow on the face and forehead.

If you have a week immune system then this exercise helps you to boost your immune system as well.

How to do:-

Sit in an erect position and focus on your breathing. Inhale deeply with both nostrils and fill your lungs to the fullest. Now with the help of your stomach muscles, exhale the air with a burst. Do this exercise for two minutes then relax.

3. Bellows Breath

Bellows breath is also known as the Bhastrika Pranayama in sanskrit. This exercise warms up the lungs and respiratory system, it throws the toxic air out from your body. Bellows breath is also helpful in common cold and cough.

Doing this asana daily also improves the digestive system.

How to do:-

Sit in lotus pose and focus on your breathing. Inhale and exhale deeply to settle your lungs, now speed up the process to inhale and exhale. Remember that the power should come from your diaphragm. Do this exercise for 2 minutes the stop.

4. Udgeeth Pranayama

Udgeeth pranayama is one of my favorites pranayama, when I feel stressed out I do this asana for 5-6 six times. A single session of Udgeeth Pranayama energize the whole body and gives the calmness of mind.

How to do it:-

Sit and keep your back straight. Close your eyes and feel your body look yourself from tip to toes. Now slowly inhale and fill your lungs with air. Wait for 3 seconds and then release the air by chanting the word OM slowly. Feel the aura of OM in your body. Repeat this exercise for 5-6 times.

5. Bee Breath

Bee breath is also known as Bhramari Pranayama. Bee breath is helpful to reduce stress and calms the mind. This pranayama boosts the strength of throat, it is also helpful dissipating anger. Bee breath induces sound sleep.

How to do:-

Choose a comfortable position. Keep your back straight and focus on your breathing. Place your thumb on the cartilage between your cheeks and ear, place the ring and middle finger on your eyes. Inhale deeply, hold it for 3 seconds then exhale the air by making a humming sound.

Feel the aura in your body. Repeat this exercise for 5-6 times.

So these were some pranayamas that you can practice every day in the moring