Swimming is a fantastic exercise for all ages as its low impact and does not put any pressure or strain on your joints compared to working out in a gym. It keeps us healthy in our bodies, but it is also fantastic for clearing our minds. Many psychologists across the world have stated that swimming reduces mental health problems such as anxiety and depression and is a fantastic mood booster. Let’s take a look at 5 ways you can psychological benefits from including swimming into your workout routine.

Reduces Stress

Most exercise will reduce stress but swimming seems to have a greater impact due to it not just being a workout but also a relaxing activity. Swimming allows for a greater amount of energy to flow through our bodies which in turn enables you to control and manage your own breathing. When we are stressed we lose some our brain cell studies have shown that swimming can help develop new brain cells. 

Anti Depressant

Swimming is a fantastic mood booster and has been proven to be an antidepressant. Swimming can be done individually but it can also be done in group classes, which is fantastic for socialising and feeling a sense of achievement. Swimming whether in a group or on your own releases endorphins and also serotonin which greatly increases our mood to feeling happy and content., it will also increase your positivity which will bring a sense of well being and happiness into your life.

Gives You Energy

Generally speaking any exercise you choose to do will give you energy but swimming is quite unique with the type of energy it will give you as it relaxes the mind as well as the body. Many doctors and psychologists recommend to start your day with swimming, this will enhance your mood, make you feel great about yourself which will, in turn, give you a fantastic and positive start to your day.

Increases Brain Health

When you conduct any type of cardiovascular exercise it allows oxygen to pump blood more effectively throughout the whole body. The more blood flow your body can produce will send more oxygen to the brain. To give you an example, the harder your brain works the better your body will react. When adding swimming into your exercise routine you will notice that concentrating on daily tasks will become a lot easier, you will notice this almost instantly after swimming either on your own or in a group activity.

Will strengthen your self-esteem

Swimming is a fantastic exercise as it works the entire body when people say you burn so many calories swimming they are correct, it really does burn fat and tone your muscles. When we improve our bodies both internally and externally we then feel confident within yourself which is amazing for improving our self-esteem. It is no secret that when we feel better about ourselves our mood improves dramatically.

Swimming is truly a remarkable exercise, not only is it a fantastic aerobic sport it has so many benefits such as boosting your mood, relaxing the mind and body and is an exercise that can also reap the benefits of resistance, aerobic and anaerobic training. Having the luxury of owning your own swimming pool means you can incorporate swimming into your daily routine without leaving your home. The benefits of a fibreglass swimming pool in your own backyard are truly endless. Barrier Reef Pools have over 30 years of experience in the fibreglass pool industry and we love improving our customer’s lifestyle with a fantastic swimming pool! give us a call today and one of our friendly team can assist you with any questions you may have!