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A mentor is an important figure in any professional’s life. When selecting a mentor, you should keep the following qualities in mind in order to make the best of the experience. Ideally, you want to choose someone open, encouraging, and a great role model in your industry.

Willingness to Share Their Experience

A good mentor will be able to understand your current position in your career journey, and not demand too much of you. Your mentor was once in the same position you are, and they should be happy to share their skills, expertise, and experiences to guide you.

Your mentor should be invested in your growth. They shouldn’t take their responsibility lightly or just view you as another task on their to-do list. This calls for an individual who is a good teacher, and looks forward to sharing their experience and watching you learn.

Positive Attitude and Enthusiasm

Your mentor should exhibit a positive attitude and a consistent enthusiasm for their work and professional field. They should reflect the qualities necessary for success in your industry, and encourage you to do the same. Remember that enthusiasm is contagious!

Places Value on Continual Growth

Mentors should demonstrate that they value continual professional growth. They should consistently set new goals for their own personal and professional development. They may be learning new skills through attending classes or workshops. After all, if someone is mentoring you, they should be advocates of continued learning.

Your mentor should use their experience in how their field is constantly changing and growing to prove to you that there is always more to learn.

Good at Providing Constructive Feedback

One of your mentor’s most important responsibilities is to provide you with constructive feedback and guidance moving forward. They should work to help you determine your strengths and how to utilize them, as well as help identify your weaknesses and offer insight as to how you can overcome them. They can provide resources to help you, and offer challenges that will aid in your development and help you feel accomplished in your field.

Strong Communication Skills

A good mentor possess excellent communication skills. They should be experienced communicating advice to a variety of people, and be able to adjust their communication style to each individual. You’ll be spending a lot of time with your mentor, and you want someone who will be able to effectively communicate their thoughts to you. Their communication ability should be a quality you admire and can learn from.

A strong mentor possess a variety of important qualities. They should be willing to use their skills and experience to help you in your career journey.

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