what you need a life and career coach

Have you considered hiring a career or life coach but aren’t sure of the value and impact this relationship would have? Let me tell you: Hiring a coach was one of the best job, career, and life-changing decisions I ever made. Here’s why—and what someone who only has your best interests, priorities, and goals in mind can do for you. 

Clarify your vision and goals. 

If you sense that what you are doing now isn’t what you really want for your life, but you don’t have a clear vision of what you DO want, then a coach can help you get clear through assessments, tools, exercises, and encouraging support (and maybe a little accountability!). 

Navigate difficult times.

Life isn’t easy. Being authentic at work isn’t always a walk in the park either. Sometimes, we just need someone to talk to who isn’t too busy, too distracted, or too involved to objectively support us when times are tough. A coach goes above and beyond the role of a friend to give you expert advice on how to continue moving forward in your life without judgment.

Develop momentum.

How many times have you started something, felt good about it, but then lost interest, never to return to it again? A coach will help you sustain that momentum and keep you focused on your long-term desired state of being. This is like hiring a personal trainer to help you sustain the energy of exercising when you feel like doing something else.

Stay on track and get focused. 

Have you ever let the little, unimportant things take control of your day, and by the time the day ends, you realize you haven’t accomplished anything you were hoping to? Through weekly or monthly sessions, your coach can help you home in on the important tasks and goals while learning to delegate and enhance your productivity.

Live in synergy with your values.

This is a game-changer and a significant part of my philosophy and coaching approach. A well-matched coach will ask you to take a careful and sometimes painful look at what you say you want as compared to the things you are actually doing. The values by which we live our lives are significant to each of us. Many times, certain values we hold may be in conflict with each other, or we may not be consciously aware of the values that are important to us. For example, all of my clients are required to complete a values-based activity to help them gain clarity and infuse confidence into everything they do. We all have unique abilities and a purpose, but some of us never discover them, and many of those who have are too afraid to go for it! A coach can help you discover the underlying values supporting all your decisions and find satisfaction in your choices.

Having someone in your corner can empower you to do more than you could ever have imagined possible. It might take a few tries to find the right fit, but investing the time, effort, and energy into your career and life will pay endless dividends. 


  • Sara Reed

    Truth Teller, Holistic Professional Coach, and Career Therapist

    Moonstone Coaching and Consulting

    Sara Reed believes that we create our own reality—on and off the job. She is passionate about helping professionals who feel stuck, exhausted, or unfulfilled step into their power and truly take charge of creating the career they want. She weaves real-world insights and truth-telling into all her individual coaching programs, workshops, masterclasses, and events.