Remote work in post-pandemic world

Covid-19 has surely changed the conventional style of leading a professional life. Be it daily commute, work environment or the way we interact with our coworkers, remote work gave us new options to explore. Is remote work in post-pandemic world possible? It works only if employers and employees make few tweaks in their way of working. While there is a long way to go before vaccine is found in the fight against coronavirus, companies can make the best use of this lockdown to reshape the workplace in near future.

The last few months were challenging for everyone as we got things without any real interaction. While office was replaced by remote location, virtual meetings served the purpose of real recurring meetings.

  1. Yes, to virtual meeting!

Companies have finally realized the true potential of virtual meetings. Be it discussion on to-do list for employees or any issue, virtual meeting serves the purpose without any need for in-person meetings. Although lockdown keeps extending for more months than expected, companies gained confidence as remote work model is able to deliver amazing results. Today there are wide range of communication channels that provide easy access to video conferencing, email, calendar or to-do’s to get things done.

2. New definition of productivity

Even when the lockdown is lifted, work from home option can be continued without any hassles. Gone are the days when productivity of an employee is measured by keep a track of time employees slog at their desk or making calls. Productivity can no longer be calculated by an employee arriving early at office or leaving late from work.

3.Relief to employees

Managers can finally save their time and focus more on final results or reports. Remote work is a good news for employees as they can prove work productivity without worrying about constant supervision of superiors. Less focus on location and more focus on the contribution employees make to their organization.

4. Safe for women

Remote work allows women to balance both work and household task with ease. It also creates a safe environment for women to work. Remote work model also lets both men and women to relish quality time with their family. A happy relationship leads to higher satisfaction at work. This new style of working will create a more secure and gender balanced work environment in near future.

  • Kudos to twitter

While many companies are apprehensive about remote working in near future, Twitter has already made a giant leap by giving an option to work from home forever to its employees. So in near future, businesses are likely to opt for work from home if travel and time is a constraint for employees.

5. Amazing savings

Remote work implies that there is no need for office or lesser office space. Thus a significant amount of money saved on office space. Be it office snacks, supplies or any other travel allowance, remote work will turn out to be a win-win situation for both employers and employees.  

Few things to take care in remote working

Although 9-to-5 job is past right now, it is important to maintain a perfect balance between work and home. In remote work, employers and employees can set working hours mutually agreed upon so that there is a distinct line between professional and personal life. Managers can set the desired time slots when teams need to attend online conferences to stay connected.

That’s all folks! Stay safe! Stay healthy!