It is no news that we have often found ourselves experiencing severe stress due to one reason or another. Don’t undermine the power of stress! Stress can deprive our peace of mind by causing anxiety, addictions, memory loss, insomnia, and even death. And this is where meditation comes in. Meditation is a practice that involves the mind to reduce mental stress and achieve peace of mind.

The recommended time of meditation is at least 20-40 minutes a day. Below are five significant reasons why we meditate at least once every day.

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  1. Reduces stress

Stress is the main reason behind the discovery of meditation and why many people try to meditate. Stress comes about due to a crowd of negative thoughts in our mind, which keep appearing and reappearing, depriving us off our peace of mind. Meditation relaxes our mind and causes mind tranquilization, and so, during this time, our mind has a focused attention and not on the jungle of negative thoughts. This helps eliminate those thoughts thereby enhancing emotional and physical well-being.

  1. Controls anxiety

Many people are aware of the effects of anxiety on mental health, however, very few people know how to control it when it knocks their door. Anxiety develops due to stress. Since meditation plays a vital role in reducing stress levels, this calms the mind which in turn reduces anxiety levels. For the longest time, it has been my routine to meditate before I engage into something I’m anxious about to calm my nerves. It works wonders!

  1. It helps to fight addictions

Most of us, at a point in time, have found ourselves addicted to one thing or another, and we have tried to stop it to no success. Addiction is a state of mind, and so it is possible to stop it at a  personal level. It might just be that the mind is overwhelmed with unnecessary thoughts. Since meditation clears the mind off these thoughts, it helps improves our self-awareness thereby improving one’s self-control.

  1. Promotes emotional health

First things first, guarding our mind should be our first priority! Stress causes depression and anxiety, which lead to a lack of mental relaxation thus deprivation of peace of mind. As a result, we find ourselves experiencing emotional disorders such as sadness, anger, disgust, and fear. Meditation helps reduce stress levels and causes the mind to relax. This in turn promotes positive emotions such as happiness, joy, serenity, hope, and interest. 

  1. It helps us overcome loneliness

As much as “social network” has been the best remedy for loneliness for the longest time, it has not always been the case for some people, especially introverts. Meditation cures loneliness as much as social networking does. When we meditate, we lose that sense of self in the process leading to a feeling of oneness which then erases the sense of space between us and others.  

The bottomline

Effects of stress are so detrimental to the extent that they can leads to suicidal thoughts and accidents. We have seen how important meditation is in reducing stress, anxiety, fighting addiction, enhancing our mental health, and fighting addictions. Let us take a personal initiative to prevent stress through practicing meditation for at least 20-40 minutes every day.