For worse or better, there are few ways to get around people forming opinions about you. These opinions could get based on any number of reasons ranging from your appearance, your employment status, your lifestyle, or even the company you keep.

Regardless of what others might think about you, here are five reasons why what others think of you doesn’t matter.

People Can’t Help But Gossip

While gossip is never really in good taste, many people can’t help themselves from talking about others and gossiping. All you need to do is check out the internet to see how pervasive gossip has become in today’s society. Nearly everyone is happy to leave comments online or discuss people or topics of interest with others. People who don’t fit in due to their size, appearance, opinions, beliefs, or other reasons can quickly find themselves under fire by people that don’t know them. Not everyone holds the same values, skills, upbringing, or belief systems, so what’s acceptable for one person might not get viewed as OK by another. There is no reason to allow what someone else says or thinks of you wreck your day.

An Approval Rating Doesn’t Determine Your Self Worth

Despite what others might be saying about you, their words and approval don’t define your self-worth. You do.

Everyone struggles in life, albeit maybe not in the same ways. No one who speaks the ill will of you knows your life story. Nor do they understand the different situations you’ve gone through.

Unfortunately, many people empower others to influence our feelings of self-worth and esteem with their words, whether said face-to-face or heard through the grapevine, or you read it on the internet.

If the words are harsh, it can be difficult to process this feedback without feeling upset, depressed, or angry. When we allow these negative feelings to get the better of us, it puts us in an unhealthy and vulnerable state of mind. The best way to deal with the naysayers is to forget what they think. It truly doesn’t matter.

Listen To Constructive Criticism

In some cases, the people who care about you the most can offer valuable insights when you’re having trouble seeing a way forward. If someone approaches you on a personal level with constructive criticism, consider what they have to say before completely dismissing their feedback. Instead, evaluate their ideas and thoughts to determine your next best step forward without taking it personally. Generally, the people who care most about you are the ones who want to see you thrive and do well.

They Aren’t Walking Your Path

No two people are walking on the same path in life. What makes sense for one person doesn’t necessarily make it reasonable for another. Circumstances and situations always influence our moods and decisions, so what feels right at the time for you may not agree with the perceptions or beliefs others hold. For instance, if you’re feeling pressured or stressed about your job, you might feel distracted or distant. Without a full understanding of what you’re experiencing, making a snap judgment isn’t fair, and must get discounted.

Know Thyself

When you know yourself, it matters very little what others think of you. Sometimes it’s harder to take the road that’s less travelled, so if you’re following a path that isn’t the same as others, you might experience resistance from people who don’t understand or agree with your approach or viewpoint. And that is OK. You aren’t supposed to be exactly like everyone else in the world! You only need to be you.

If you remember back to being a child, you probably remember getting taught that you can become anything in life that you want to be.

When you stay true to yourself and don’t allow the thoughts and words of others to influence how you feel about yourself, you will find you get further ahead in life. There is no good reason to let others get you down or cause emotional, mental, or physical anguish. If you find being around certain people harms your wellbeing, leaving these individuals to their own devices is a smart idea.

For people who struggle to let go of hurtful or harmful behaviours, hypnotism offers a holistic way to begin the healing process from within, so you can move forward with your life, despite these traumatic or hurtful experiences. By addressing these issues, you can put them behind you so that you may live a fuller, more productive life.