Non-scientific advice to enjoy multitasking without losing the battle. From For<me> app insights

It is true that we are in an era where we constantly seek for wellness and have a greater state of consciousness about what happens to us; but we also know that in times of turbulence, even the mountains tremble. Mercury retrograde, full moon, March with the beginning of everything and suddenly, the week passed over you and the level of fatigue does not help.

We know that positive energy is not always in sight, that’s why we share 5 micro rituals that you can use in those days when life seems very complicated and harmony looks far away.

Change the way from home to work

Only by changing the route you take every day, will make you feel like you start the morning in a different way. If you go by bus or metro you can look for an alternative combination, if you go by car, it is an opportunity to discover a good shortcut, we even recommend you offer a neighbor or friend to do carpooling during  the week to change the way you get to work.

* Bonus track, you can take the opportunity to look and record 3 things that attract attention during the tour and register them here.

Take 15 minutes without your cell phone

When was the last time you turned off your cell phone? The truth is that being connected has become an addiction and a perfect excuse not to stop even a minute to stir important ideas in our head. On the contrary, we have a permanent need to check emails, whatsapp, instagram, the photos we take, the calendar, etc,. We are not going to lie, it is also difficult for us. But a couple of weeks ago we started experiencing the exercise of putting our phones under “do not disturb” mode during a specific time of day. It works best if we are having something that we love, like  coffee, juice or a good tea. Without the cellphone as a distraction, we can concentrate on taking each drink savoring the moment and stretching the sensation of the mental blank just thinking that during those 15 minutes, nothing else exists in the world.

* Bonus track, it helps a lot if you set an alarm that sounds when you want to reconnect so your mind relaxes by not having to be controlling the time.

Listen to new music

Are you the one who loves to listen good music? Then surely it happens to you that you usually hear the same thing, over and over again and even the spotify algorithm recommends the same thing that no longer has a surprise effect on your brain. If this sounds familiar, then we have a recommendation for you that does not fail: Write to your friend or someone that you have not seen for a long time but that you fully trust their musical taste and ask them to share a playlist. Surely they’ll have a favorite one like yours, but it is very likely that it will bring pleasant surprises.

* Bonus track, we have our playlist that you can listen to.

Cut your hair

In gardening, it is said that pruning plants regularly, serves to reach the center air and light. The same happens when we cut our hair; Psychologists ensure that women who want to close a cycle, cut or dye their hair, because it gives us that feeling of change, oblivion and what we most want: overcoming a bad time. When we cut our hair, we attract new and positive energies, we purify ourselves and let the air change the vibes.

* Bonus track, you do not need to go to a hairdresser, with just cutting off the tips in your house you will feel the change.

Flavor your home

They say that through inhaling aromas and oils, we achieve greater well-being, however, we do not always pay attention to the sense of smell. How would you describe the aroma of your house, your room or your work space? Here we share ideas to decorate with spices and change the energy of your space. They do not need to be purchased fragrances, you can make microfiber bags with plants that you find near your home or even with aromatic herbs.

Some tips for you to think about what feeling you want to change.

Jasmine. It helps fight stress and insomnia.

Almonds They enhance a better mood.

Geranium. It helps us with menstrual cramps. It also brings calm.

Pepper. It helps decrease anxiety.

Rosemary. Relieves circulatory and rheumatic problems.

Ginger. It facilitates breathing and improves circulation.

Grapefruit. Fight against anger.

Cypress. It is an invigorating, relieves stress, fights allergies, and reduces the symptoms of menopause.

Cinnamon. It is relaxing, reduces fatigue and relieves stress.

Roses. Fights insomnia and improves depression.

Citrus Boost the feeling of calm.

Lavender. It improves skin problems, is relaxing, and relieves muscle problems.

Mint. It facilitates decongestion, and helps relieve digestive problems.

* Bonus track, you can dry these plants by keeping them inside a book and then crush them to make jars for each environment.

If you put any of these micro rituals into practice and they work for you, share them with the ones you love.


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