What according to you is a good life? For some of you out there, it’s all about never-ending satisfaction and pleasure while for others it’s all about how near you are to your goals. Different minds and different perceptions. But defining the good life generally, we can say it is a stage where you are contented with how everything is turning out and anticipating something exceptionally good in the future.

A good life is nothing about getting excited over materialistic possessions rather more about being compassionate about your goals, waking up early with a big smile on your face, taking challenges with more passion and striving for something that can be called as a legacy. Pondering on the “what if’s” and in the process letting the important things go out of your hand is not the way to live a good life. If you have an easy definition of your own happiness, striving for it is what a good life comprises of.

To keep things a little simple, here are some of the rules for living a good life:

1. Comfort Zone Will Do You No Good

The one thing in life you need to understand in order to be happy is the fact that the more you try to remain in your comfort zone, lesser is the opportunities knocking on your door and lesser is the growth, thus in order to live, a good start must be the one that allows you to step a foot out of your comfort zone and conquer the world with your explicable skills. Taking risks, living life at the edges will give you a sense of fulfilment and eventually happiness like no other.

2. Being Passionate

There is something about the word “passion” that drives people crazy, crazy enough to achieve something good and worthwhile. There isn’t a single person on this earth who is given a task and will do the job on a regular basis without being passionate about something in life. Passion is something that is the ultimate confidence booster in order to get a good life. If you lead your life with something you are passionate about, it will give you a purpose to shine.

3. Nurturing Relationships and Appreciating Simple Pleasures

Another way of living a good life is appreciating the little pleasures of life with your friends or family or sometimes solitude is the best. Try to treat the people you love with utmost care and appreciate the role they play in your life. A simple good morning text can do wonders when you are out to make someone smile and feel good about your relationships. I came across a wonderful website for Good Morning Quotes on Maxabout that have so many wonderful things to be shared with your loved ones and wish for their day to be happy.

4. Playing It Too Safe

Another one of the golden rules of living a good life is allowing yourself to take risks and be afraid of losing. A person that isn’t afraid of anything in life is not compassionate about something. He simply accepts the world as it is and never strives to achieve more. If something is difficult, fearing it is rather normal. The problem arises when you don’t try to achieve that difficult goal and are left contemplating the “what if’s”.

5. Mastering Yourself Against the Forces that Diminish your Passion

You need to be a ruthless self-dedicated person that accepts defeat at no level. In order to live a happy life, you need to master your own down-sides and work towards altering them for a better you, a “you” that isn’t afraid of conquering anything in life just for the sake of their own happiness.