So, you can’t be consistent to save your life? Me neither. This leaves self-care junkies like myself in a bind: desiring to take true care of myself, while unable to complete the program and get the benefits. It’s frustrating and what most gurus who recommend these practices don’t seem to realize is we’re all busy – far too busy for our own good. 

That said, where’s the self-care for the busy, stressed and overworked? You’re in the right place, keep reading. Rebellious Rituals isn’t a plan – it’s an exploration. Ask yourself, which of these would you like to explore today?

  1. Use your hands

Whenever we do something more tactile, we get present. This is my favorite way to get reconnected, especially after too much screen time. Choose something joy-filled for you: If you normally write on your laptop, write something by hand. Love to cook? Do some baking that requires you to get messy. 

2. Do something normal with presence

This is a similar tactic to above but can be easily integrated into something you’re already going to do (good for the time-poor). About to hop in the shower? Slowly wash your hair, your face, everything.

3. Repeat this mantra ten times:

All of Life Comes to Me with Ease, Joy and Glory®. 

What did I just read? This is my favorite mantra from Access Consciousness. To me, it’s not to say that everything is right in my world or perfect, but that it’s all coming together easily. It’s something I say at least 10 times every day, in order to remind myself that my life, and how I create it, is my choice.

4. Get Cathartic

Say “screw that” to something you don’t want to do. Saying “no” is the 2021 dopamine hit along with “Block and delete.” Rebellious living at its finest is being willing to choose what is a priority for you, and say screw that to the things that you’re supposed to be doing that don’t serve you. You have to start choosing somewhere. 

5. Turn your phone off

I’m not kidding here. Use the “focus mode” if you must keep your phone on, but even having 20 minutes of phone-free time can create more space in your world (and definitely for your eyes). So take a step back in time and enjoy some nostalgic space. 

We aren’t the same each day. So neither should our self-care practices. It’s totally normal to be inconsistent. The trick is to learn how to work with yourself and bright shiny object syndrome instead of against it. Give yourself a menu of choices to select from each day to keep it fresh. 

And remember, time is not what matters here. Taking 5 deep breaths rather than stressing through a 90-minute yoga class is far more nurturing. Go for what you can do and screw the rest!