If you believe in the phrase “old habits die hard,” you know how powerful their impact can be. This deep-rooted saying shows that people are generally resistant and resilient when it comes to switching habits. The habit-changing process is not only long but also requires you to adopt a new routine.

However, every habit, regardless of its complexity and emotional turbulence, is malleable. Put simply, the most addicted individual can overcome his /her addiction and become sober. A college dropout can become a millionaire. The most dysfunctional family members can change themselves.

That is to say, changing your habits does require only your will power, but the right habits can lead to a positive change in life.

Favorite “me” time – while in traveling, I start every morning reading FT or WSJ. It puts me in a different state of mind and slowly gets me excited about the day.

Here, I have underpinned some secrets of how my habits worked for me and which habits changed my life completely. Keep on reading to improve your understanding of the “habit’s framework” and manifest the changes you want to see in your personality. If you wish to read more about my work, please see my website (digital marketing agency NYC).

Habits that Changed My Life

  1. Plan a Day
    Planning your day involves scheduling your tasks before time to achieve goals in a specific time period. Remember that scheduling tasks effectively is a tried and tested way not to determine priorities and make the most of your day. Overtime, I realized that the habit of planning my day has helped me meet my goals and made significant progress in life.
  2. Workout Regularly
    Exercising regularly is an excellent way to clear head and feel motivated. That is why many successful people carve out 40 to 50 minutes for aerobic exercises like biking, jogging, or walking each day. I have seen many successful entrepreneurs take out time to work out to increase their productivity.
  3. Read a Lot
    Devote at least 20 to 30 minutes to self-improvement and education through reading. The habit is not just about reading entertaining stuff but also includes self-help books, history, and biographies. Warren Buffet, a legendary investor, states that reading is one of the crucial habits he has developed. I adopted this habit and was able to enrich my knowledge and vision.
  4. Remove Anxiety and Fear
    Without a doubt, fear is one of the most significant barriers that block your path to success. Rooted in prior experiences, it stops you from reaching the height of your career. That is why I invested considerable time learning how to channel the feelings that make me fearful of becoming productive.
  5. Spend Time on Focused Thinking
    You might not have tried it before, but most self-made entrepreneurs and millionaires take their time to process things that are happening in their lives. They allocate 10 to 20 minutes every day (mostly in the morning) to reflect on their routine, career, health, personal, and professional relationships. I also made a habit of spending some quiet, quality time to analyze and assess my thoughts. It helps a lot to reduce stress and improve my performance.
    Summing up
    Overall, each of your habits serves as a catalyst and can offer you unique payoffs if you remain consistent and determined. While some habits are simple and do not take time to integrate into your daily routine, others are complex enough to draw upon emotional triggers. Thus, the given habits can help you change your life.