Oftentimes, we feel like we can’t make a difference in the world or that one person can’t make an impact. However, that is not true.

Everyone has the power to make an impact! Your voice, your story, and your mission are beautifully unique. Through small acts of individual change across the world, together we can make a big difference! And since change always starts within ourselves, here are 5 simple steps for you to become a global changemaker:

1. Find a Cause You Are Passionate About

What is a cause that makes you feel impassioned or enthusiastic? Or perhaps what is something wrong or unjust in the world that you wish to change?

Many times, the answer lies within our very own story because we feel inspired about a cause due to a personal connection from our past. So, is there an event or experience in your past that has inspired you to become an advocate for a cause?

2. Use your unique voice

We each have the opportunity to impact the world in our own unique way through our own message, our passions, and our talents. Always remember that your uniqueness is your superpower.

So what is the message you wish to share with the world? What would be your message to future generations?

3. Connect with Other Changemakers

Reach out and connect with other changemakers like you! Collaboration is a great way to make a meaningful impact in the world so get online or reach out to your community and begin taking action together.

A great way to connect and brainstorm with other changemakers is to host a mastermind call where you all get together and talk about your ideas, goals, and future projects. This is a great way to meet new people and come up with new initiatives together!

4. Take Action!

Don’t let your fears or self doubt keep you from taking action – you can make a change and you can impact the world! What are your goals for making a change? Is there something specific you want to do or a particular idea or project you want to start?

Once you have an idea of your future goals and projects, make an action plan, stay true to your mission and vision, and begin taking those steps to reach your goals!

5. Inspire Others to Change the World

Now it’s time to inspire others to make a change! Only together can we truly change the world, so inspire those around you to become changemakers as well.

If everyone is a changemaker, there is no way a problem can outrun a solution

Bill Drayton

We can all be changemakers – we all have it within us. The world is waiting for you to stand up, speak up, and rise up for what you believe in. We can change the world, but we have to make a change together. The question is: how do you wish to make a change? How do you want to impact the world?


  • Cassidy Murray

    Teen World Traveler, Activist, Filmmaker and Writer

    Changemaker Odyssey

    I’m a teen who travels the world and is passionate about advocacy, filmmaking, travel, volunteer work and inspiring people around the world.