We know that Time Management is needed. A fact is that 1 out of 7 people is feeling overwhelmed and is having burn-out symptoms. This means it is getting more important than ever to really have your Time Management in place! With Just Know How Coaching I coach people on taking control over their mind and time and to reduce that stress! Today I would like to share 5 simple steps to do that will give you more time on your hands and help you work more efficient, what means you will feel less stressed when following these steps in your busy life!

1) Delegate

I have too much to do! I can’t find the time! Have you said these phrases? You have more time than you think! Delegate the workload. It would be good to do everything yourself, but that is not being realistic nor productive. Delegate your work with your team so everyone has something to do. Your results will be better because things are not rushed, and you can relax a bit and get rid of the stress. You can even discover some hidden talent within your team. Do you delegate enough?

2) Find a system that works for you.

There are thousands of ideas on the best planning, morning routine or to-do-lists on the internet. However, they are never going to work if it is not your system! With some clients I create daily to-do-lists while others need a weekly one! Everyone works in a certain way. What is your way? That is why it is important to find the system that works well for you. Find the system that works for what you need and stick to it. There’s no point trying to learn each and every system if you already have one in place that works fine.

3) Create focus

This means have a good environment to work in. Put on some music to get less distracted from the things around you. Give yourself a time block of 90 minutes to work on it and after taking a break of 10+ minutes! Make your desk distractions free and clean! Have NO television nearby you and on. Put your notifications out FOCUS!

4) Think before you do!

Remember our parents and teachers always told us this? Well, hate to break it to you but in ¨adult¨ life this is very important also! Before you send that email; Before you make that call; Before you get angry at an employee; Before you ask an employee to do something for you; Before you do ANYTHING….. Think about what you want to accomplish…. What would you like the result to be, what do you need and want? What is important for the other person to know? What are you expecting? Have that clarity before you do anything! This will create a better communication for everyone and saves you hours of time!

5) Block 2 hours a day for e-mail

 We spend an average of 4.1 hours checking our work email each day. That’s 20.5 hours each week, more than 1,000 hours each year, more than 47,000 hours over a career. SAY WHAT? From today on go check only twice a day your email! This makes you more efficient and the rest of the time you will focus a 100% on your tasks. Put off all notifications so that you know for sure you will not be distracted outside your email time. Let‘s say you work from 09am to 6pm, you will plan it in like this: In the morning from 10:00 to 11:00 and 16:30 to 17:30. Like this you will have all the emails answered from the day before in the morning and in the afternoon all emails from today are answered. Do it and spend your time on more important things!

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  • Stephanie Steggehuis

    NLP Mindset & Time Management Coach

    Just Know How Coaching

    Stephanie was born in The Netherlands and studied Marketing & Communication at the University of Applied Sciences in Amsterdam. She worked for many years in the Event & Entertainment Industry with the biggest Venues, Festivals and Parties. Beside her experience there she has also worked many years in the corporate world for some big names such as eBay and worked in various positions in different companies from Manager, Director and Vice President.  Today she is certified as a Neuro-Linguistic Programmer Coach and has completed over 125 hours in training for coaching. She always is studying the human brain, psychology, and mindset, to keep understanding the human being a hundred percent to help her clients in the best way possible. The most significant changes start with understanding the brain!