Boost productivity by streamlining your AM dressing routine

Not everyone is overjoyed to pick out their clothes in the morning. Many people consider it just another thing they have to add to their to-do list, stressing them out rather than exciting them. Putting energy and planning behind your morning dressing routine can make you more efficient and productive not only in the AM, but throughout the day.  Here are 5 helpful hacks for optimizing morning dressing.

Tip 1: Organize your closet

You may think having more clothes makes it easier to get dressed, because you have more options to choose from. It doesn’t matter how many clothes you have; if you can’t see them then you have to spend time sifting through your closet to find them. Every piece of clothing and accessory should be clearly visible or easy to locate in your closet so you can make quicker decisions when getting dressed in the morning. Hire a professional organizer or invest in containers and labels to clean up your closet.

Tip 2: Try a capsule wardrobe

A capsule wardrobe offers a great way to minimize time spent dressing in the morning. A capsule wardrobe is a collection of essential, timeless, versatile clothing items that won’t go out of fashion. Some people try a capsule wardrobe to start a lifestyle change and become more organized, and others may test it out as a 2-week challenge. Try and limit the capsule wardrobe to around 10-20 staple items, including pants, a jacket, a dress shirt, sleek skirt, a casual T-shirt, comfortable dress sneakers (such as these metallic leather sneakers), and a blazer. Not only will this capsule wardrobe shave off time during your morning routine, but it’ll also allow you to focus energy on your passions, work, and hobbies.

Tip 3: Plan, Plan, Plan

Although it may seem tedious, view morning dressing like meal prepping and plan out the week’s outfits in advance. If you figure out what you’re going to wear for the whole week on a Sunday night all you have to do is just put the clothes on the rest of the week. Gone will be the days of standing in front of the closet in your towel wondering how much time you’re wasting by figuring out what to wear. Doing this “outfit prepping” will help make each morning stress-free and prevent you from running out the door like a mess.

Tip 4: Get a pair of multi-functional shoes that goes with everything

Because they’re the last thing you put on your body, shoes can become an afterthought when picking out what to wear to work, but having to choose the right shoe for the right occasion and outfit can add unnecessary time to your morning routine. Stock your wardrobe with a few high quality, comfortable, well-made shoes in neutral colors that can be worn anytime, from work to the BBQ to running errands to a date. For example, men should snag a pair of dress sneakers, loafers, boots and oxfords to start. 

Tip 5: Adopt a work uniform

If fashion just isn’t your thing (which may be a reason why you take a while to get out of your house in the morning) go Steve Jobs and adopt a work uniform. This will really cut down on how much time and money you spend on work clothes. You can create a uniform however you’d like to! The purpose of a uniform isn’t to necessarily where the same thing every day, but rather to get you out the door more quickly in the morning and allow you to focus on other things in your upcoming day.