If you are an organized person you already know that it is important to prepare a checklist so as not to get lost in the middle of so much to do. Still, did you know it is possible to be even more productive with homework? If you have no idea where to start, you can rest assured, because we have selected 5 tricks that will save you time in keeping everything clean and organized.Know which room is most important to clean.

1. Know Which Room Is Most Important To Clean

First of all, you need to establish priorities, not just know what to do. So, decide which room should be cleaned first. If you want advice, start with the kitchen or bathroom. These two places are the ones that suffer most from germs, so if anything happens and you have to stop cleaning, at least the two are already clean.

If you want, you can also clean a different room every day, so you don’t have to take a lot of time to leave everything an earring. In the end the most important thing is that you simply know what should get your attention more or less. With that objectivity the work will be faster, believe me.

2. Pour Hot Water Over The Dishes To Get The Fat Out Faster

Spend an hour doing the dishes? Nothing like that! In order not to stay in this task for a long time, the trick is to clean everything as it gets dirty. Did you drink anything? Wash the glass. Did you heat up a plate of food? Take the sponge and leave the plate and cutlery clean again.

Okay, but what if you made food, the whole family got the dishes dirty and you are responsible for cleaning and organizing the kitchen? Then the tip is to pour hot water on the dishes and Instapot. It makes the fat come off and the washing process is much faster . Did not work? Then try to put a little baking soda and 1 lemon juice in the dirtiest areas and allow a few minutes for the mixture to get done. Then just clean everything effortlessly.

3. Put The Laundry On While Washing The House

Want to save time? So how about taking advantage of the laundry to wash the house? With this double you leave the room free of dirt and strands of hair and then seam in the process of extending the clothes on the clothesline. This ends up avoiding that old habit of leaving to take your clothes out of the machine later because you are too lazy. Enjoy your hands-on experience and finish it all at once.

4. Take Advantage Of The Timer Time To Do Other Tasks

Just as it is possible to take advantage of the period in which the clothes are in the machine to do the cleaning, the same goes for other devices that use the timer. Are you doing something in the oven? Take the opportunity to wash the dishes of the food preparation while it is not ready. The same goes for Airfryers or any other type of appliance that notifies you when the stipulated time is up. This way, you optimize a lot of time and earn what you would spend later.

5. If It Can Be Done In Less Than 5 Minutes, Do It Now

Finally, the golden tip for increasing productivity is simply not to postpone what you can do right now. Look closely at the task you need to solve and ask yourself: “Can I do this in less than 5 minutes?” If the answer is “yes” why are you letting it accumulate with many other things? Then, when you stop to organize, in fact you will have much less work. With so much productivity you will have more free time to enjoy leisure time.