Overcome Fear

This restless little feeling appears inside us every time we want to do something we either like a lot or dare to do. We can’t deny that as we walk the path to achieve our goals and dreams, there are times that our deepest fears surface and take us down to our knees.

Fear is inevitable

On the other hand, living a life is like throwing yourself into an endless dark pit. You have to know by now; there are uncountable stories of conquering fear around you. Fear is something that you should not take against yourself.

You are human, and it is a natural part of it all. If you fear that your house will be robbed, change the locks at your local King City locksmith for peace of mind. But, it should not also stay with you all the time – stopping you from living your dreams, experiencing the life you truly deserve, and letting you savor the freedom of what it’s like to live a meaningful life.

Fear is something you can overcome and conquer.

Learn to accept that you are frail and vulnerable

The first step to overcoming fear is recognizing that it is a natural part of your life. You can be frail and vulnerable… and that is totally okay. When you are still trying to ignore the truth of this, you will never find your way out and tame your greatest weakness. When you say to yourself, “I have fears, and it’s alright. I accept who I am, but I will not let my life waste away for I shall, by all means tame, and conquer my fears”, you are giving yourself all the chance in the world to be at peace with your biggest weaknesses.

When you accept fear, you too accept vulnerability. And vulnerability is power.

Always remember, too, that though you are frail, it does not mean that you have to live in fear.

Work on your fear slowly, tenderly

If you’ve thought that you need to slay or laughter your fear, think it over again. When you hurry the process, it does not feed your heart and spirit. And in some days, your fear will just come knocking again. So, do work on your fear slowly, tenderly.

Take your time.

Spend each day trying to change something inside you – slowly but surely. When you do this, you are not only allowing yourself to experience a change in you deeply, but you are also taming your fear powerfully – making sure that each day, each time, is a great contribution in changing your weakness into a strength that no season, no person can take away from you no matter what.

Remind yourself to always try and get enriched even with the failures

This culture of competition and excellence chokes us. We are all imperfect, and when we fail, it does not mean that we belong to the darkness. Failure is not something you have to fear. It is a beautiful tool to grow, to get better. Life is not all about big and loud achievements. The beauty of life lies in how you live through it, how you struggle, how you find your own voice. And in finding your own voice, you need both failures and triumphs.

Remind yourself to always try for life is a summary of trials and errors. There is no need to fear failing, for everyone is bound to experience it by and by. When you fail, you are only shaped into a better version of yourself if you take it with grace. After every failure, life flows, and you find yourself rising up again.

Dare and let your goals lead you the way

Dare is a four-letter word that will set you free. Fear is also a four-letter word that can stop and cripple you. Dare over fear. Remember that this life is yours, and this is the best life you can live – your life now. When stuck in fear, you can never go further. Think of your goals and envision who you can become when you let these dreams lead you the way.

Your dreams are beautiful. As you achieve your goals, you become happier, and it makes you a more open person to help, take care and love others. Today, dare. If you shake in fear, it only means that you are human and alive. And if you just stay positive and breathe in and out well, you can always have the best energy to make your dream life happen.

Dare and have faith. Always.

So, yes, after accepting your fears and vulnerabilities, as you work on your fear slowly and tenderly, then you let your failures accept you, you become more open to building yourself up. You invest your time and energy to strengthen your skills and build your life toward real confidence. And in no time, you shall have the power to dare.