Sometimes life can get stressful when. We all go through stress & anxiety sometimes. There are ways to deal with it. In this article I will examine five different ways New York music artist Aaron Reflex, born Mustafah Aaron Steele deals with stress.  
One way to deal with stress is too write down what you are feeling in order to better understand what you are going though.Aaron Reflex writes down how he feels and records how he feels when he creates music. Aaron draws inspiration from his life when making music. This is a good way to deal with stress & anxiety because when you communicate with yourself how you feel you will overcome it by understanding what you need and facing the issue head on.

The gym and working out is a great way to reduce stress. Exercise increases your overall health and your sense of well-being, & makes you feel better overall. Another way Aaron Reflex deals with stress & anxiety is working out. Aaron Reflex sometimes post vlogs of him working out and videos to his social media in the gym. This is a great way to take out bottled up emotions by putting in back into yourself. Sometimes Aaron post to his social media running with his Siberian Husky X.
Another way to deal with stress is to remember to treat yourself. Aaron Reflex always looks good in his shows, pictures, videos, & other content. He has expressed in the past to his supporters on Twitter to treat their selves when they working hard and grinding. This is important. We have to remember to take care of our selves in the process of trying to obtain something. 
Another way Aaron deals with stress is extra curricular activities. Aaron has posted a lot of things he likes to do online such as playing basketball. Basketball for Aaron is something he does with his extra time from time to time and enjoys doing it. He can be seen in some of his YouTube Vlogs dunking on two people at one time  & making half court shots in 4v4s for game. This is good to do. When you doing something you enjoy you are occupied and reliving stress. This is also good because it’s working out too. It doesn’t have to be working out, it can be something like playing video games, doing makeup, whatever it is that brings joy to you personally will help you deal with stress & anxiety.
Our fifth & last way Aaron Reflex  deals with stress & anxiety is being Reading. Aaron Reflex has a bachelors degree in political science from John Jay College of Criminal Justice. That major historically contains a lot of reading and writing. Aaron Reflex has said he enjoys reading and learning. He like to read books and look up ways to get better at things. Reading certain self help books can improve you and take you to the next level. Aaron Reflex credits a lot of his success in the music industry to studying and becoming a student of the game.