Some relationships coast along gently, with both partners agreeing on everything they do, and never getting the impression their cozy existence is anything other than idyllic. Alas, these couples tend to be in the minority. Given human nature, it’s far more natural for partnerships to experience their fair share of disagreements. In most cases, division can be resolved by talking through the issues, perhaps accompanied by humility and a degree of apologizing. In other instances, situations can become so toxic the relationship is doomed to fail, even if two people were introduced during a search for love online on a sites like this and were previously content.

Communication is always negative

Conversing with each other, whether you are covering everyday topics or you’re addressing more in-depth concerns, should always be conducted in a spirit of openness and mutual respect. But when couples are going through rocky patches, it can become difficult for them to have a civil word to say to each other. Even the most mundane disagreements can get blown out of all proportion, with two-way conversations degenerating into slanging matches. If there are frequent fiery exchanges, punctuated by lengthy silences, this is a surefire sign issue within the relationship need to be resolved.

Disagreements are allowed to fester

Every relationship will have its inevitable ups and downs. In fact, becoming reconciled in the wake of fallouts demonstrates that the parties believe what they have should be fixed, and this positivity will be beneficial for a couple’s long-term health. The opposite side of this coin is when the parties bicker intensely without feeling any inclination to sort out their differences. Where there would have once been a mutual understanding and respect for the other person’s opinion, obstinacy can creep in.

There are no long-term plans

Another surefire indicator all is not well is when there are no future plans being made. Whether this is chatting about a possible holiday in the near future, or longer-term aspirations such as moving into a larger house, when it gets to the stage couples no longer place any emphasis on having these conversations, this can only mean one thing. Neither of the individuals in the relationship has much confidence in them still being an item however many months down the line.

Secrets and lies

One of the cardinal building blocks of any relationship is being totally honest and upfront with each other. You should never be in a place where you feel no remorse about withholding certain facts from your partner. Even if you are doing so under the misguided assumption you are doing so for their own protection when the truth inevitably is discovered, this will only cause friction. It is always far better to keep everything out in the open as far as possible. It’s understandable aspects of modern life might get in the way, so where you would once have set aside time to have a regular catch up, this can sometimes fall by the wayside. But you should always try to make an effort to catch up with each other’s news: all of it, rather than an edited version.

Intimacy is left on the back-burner

The early stages of any relationship are very often characterized by intense feelings towards each other. This can cover the whole range of activities, from being inclined to be tactile and giving each other compliments, right down to the way you enjoy the physical side of things. A surefire indicator your relationship has reached the stage where you really need to assess your situation is if either of you begins to show a lack of interest in the very activity which once brought you so close together.