Are you struggling to enjoy your life? Do you have the perfect job, a wonderful family, and a great place to live but still can’t seem to find true happiness? Maybe you aren’t feeling physically healthy or are plagued by low moods. 

It’s always important to work with your doctor if you have ongoing symptoms that are causing you concern, but there may be some lesser-known causes for your poor health that you haven’t yet considered.

Food Sensitivities

Sensitivities to various foods are very common and can be hard to diagnose. Start with an allergy or gluten test. Your doctor may be able to pinpoint the problem. 

If you still experience symptoms after testing, try keeping a food diary to record the foods you eat and how you feel afterwards. Take note of any patterns. If you identify a problem food, you can limit or eliminate it from your diet to see if this improves how you feel.

Hormone Imbalances

Another area that can be difficult to get a firm diagnosis of but can wreak havoc on your mind and body is an imbalance in your hormones. This can cause all kinds of symptoms from fatigue, to hair loss, to blood sugar issues.

Work with your doctor to rule out anything serious before you consider other alternatives. If you are still feeling poorly with no relief from medical treatment, then do some research and try to identify the imbalance. Natural medicine practitioners can help here. Many hormone issues can be improved with a change in diet. If you start to eat differently and possibly take a few supplements, you could find relief. 

Unresolved Trauma

Have you experienced a traumatic event in your past? Anything involving abuse, the death of someone you loved, or even a breakup can cause lingering effects. When you suppress strong emotions and don’t deal with them they can become stuck in the body and cause physical and mental discomfort.

If you’ve had any kind of trauma in your past then you can heal from it by facing and resolving the associated feelings that come with it. Consider talking to a therapist about your trauma so they can help you through this time. Other helpful practices include self-care, journaling, and practices such as meditation and hypnosis that will help you uncover the events from the past that are still affecting you. Once you identify them, you can address them head-on and move past the trauma. 

Childhood Wounds 

An emotional wound from childhood can also cause lasting emotional stress or unproductive behaviors and thoughts. If a childhood wound is left unattended it can start to get bigger and bigger until it affects your entire life. 

Perhaps you never felt loved or seen for who you truly are as a child. Maybe you were ignored or told to be quiet. Even the smallest thing that seems insignificant can have a profound impact on your mental development and affect you long into the future. Therapy and techniques like freewriting and hypnosis are good ways to discover any wounding that you still carry and need to process. 

Living Externally

Finally, when you live your life outside your body you can start to feel drained, disconnected, discontented. Many people ignore their own wants and needs in favor of trying to please other people, keep up with others they compare themselves to, or immerse themselves in social media instead of reality. All of these actions can cause tremendous dissatisfaction and unease.

Reconnect with yourself and learn to live in the present moment. Trust in yourself and make decisions that are in your best interest. Take care of yourself first and focus on your own desires.  

These are just a few of the ways that various habits, behaviors, and actions can impact your life and keep you from living fully. If you aren’t satisfied with your current life, then take a closer look at your daily routine and see if you can identify any areas that deserve some further research and exploration. It’s entirely possible to change your own behavior to feel better and live a more fulfilling life.