5 Takeaways Post-Virality: What’s Next For Danny B & Chris M? By Sean Kelly

The stage has been set for two young, entrepreneurial wizards. Paving their way to organically creating a Facebook share network of over 10 million… what do the Pooch Perks ECommerce all-stars have next in line? After speaking personally with Danny Barrios & Chris Maura, they have outlined their past, present, and future in modern social media ECommerce marketing. In this open-ended conversation, I learned just what it takes to stay centered toward consistently making power moves & valid collaborations. Danny Barrios & Chris Maura laid down some facts and insight- here were my favorite takeaways.

1. “Never Give Up!”

A mantra these gentlemen have repeatedly mentioned in my talks with them rings true to nearly every business and professional situation: If it’s legit, don’t quit. The premise of success is not based on how “viral” you go, but how consistently you exceed your own professional expectations for your store of desired area of growth. Having this tunnel-vision-like-focus has proven to be immensely successful; while there is an entire world and rapidly changing variable in what is trending on social media, Maura reminds us that “We are the shapers of our unique fates.”

2. “Stop blaming your budget.”

Moving right along, I can condense my come-up for Jersey Champs toward $1000 in my pocket and a dream. It most likely will not be yours, too. Take for example, the immense pressure and stress I felt when I began to handle distribution of custom jerseys. Now, apply that same hunger to convert sales for successful companies such as Pooch Perks. While our specific tactics may vary on the surface, the fundamental understanding of proper advertising is the X-factor that makes an entrepreneur’s ad campaign supreme to the common-man’s self-promo on his new rap music video. The differences and discrete nuances we take into account are targeted demographic, catchiness (post-memorability of post), and including a call-to-action. Try implementing and researching these tactics via the hyperlinks provided in the last sentence: they are sure to provide some clarity toward my succinct analysis.

3. “Do not settle for decent: Push for greatness.”

While unraveling the long list of future plans by Pooch Perks’ talented CEOs Danny Barrios & Chris Maura, I learned the value in reapplying successful business models toward future concepts. To accurately convey this point, visualize the following:

  • Successful, tested, & customer approved product/service
  • Excellent ROI & Add to Cart activity on platform(s)
  • Strong, actively engaged social media followers

Now, take this good stuff and move it over there. Huh?

Yes. This is the simplest way one can understand how entrepreneurs have the power to create infinite “spin-offs” based off their own custom success templates. The push for greatness is not complacency after one viral post. The push for greatness is not casual page updates, inconsistent emailing, and sketchy customer service. The push for greatness is full dedication toward whatever pursuit or grind that behooves its creator. Life is full of waves, you either ride them or make them.

4. “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.”

Common in every industry, success is also found in deliberate repetition of habit. If you tend to post one Instagram story every two days for a new product you are marketing, the results will indubitably be stronger if you posted daily instead of every other day. Little things like this do wonders for those pesky algorithmic conversions; evaluating and studying your own data based on trial & error is perhaps one of the most personal ways to endure self-sufficiency and exponential growth in ECommerce. The overlap and similarity between a niche about football and a niche about owls may not exist, but the fundamental properties of strong ad campaigns, call-to-action posting, and consistency ring true, forever and always.

5. “Get a mentor! SERIOUSLY!

Scientists have proven, potentially, one thing for certain. There are still reasonable clauses to debate that we all are born and die eventually. Who’s to say, you cannot pass down a financial blanket of security to your nearest & dearest loved ones, friends, and partners in your professional career? You absolutely can & should. Proven success stories are not a “fluke”, or perhaps, stroke of good luck, rather, a complicated vessel with many moving parts where if one steers too far off course, they may be doomed. To thrive is to accept that there are thousands of like-minded, driven human beings who are striving towards a similar goal and fostered result as a token for their hard work & efforts, entrepreneurially, in their field. Maybe, this doesn’t actually apply to you and you can bookmark this article for future re-reads. Maybe, this will all be relevant to you a decade from now. The point is: YOU are your engine’s motor: Will you accelerate or live within the anxiety of your goals?

Just some cool notes from CEOs, Danny Barrios & Chris Maura,

~ Sean Kelly, Entrepreneur,