5 technology trends that are set to become big in the near future

Starting a business and then selling your products is not an easy task. Every day, the company has to face a daily competition from different competitors. To compete in this sharp competition a company needs to be technology equipped as this is the era of technology. Similarly, a tech become famous when a number of businesses accept it and use it. So here is the list by Eazy Research of 5 Technology trends that are set to become enormous in future.


5 technology trends: 2

1.         The era of Artificial Intelligence: 2

2.         Blockchain: 2

3.         Augmented reality: 2

·     Superimposition Based Augmented Reality: 3

·     Location Based Augmented Reality: 3

4.         Zero Sized Intelligence: 3

5.         IoT: 3

Concluding: 4

5 technology trends:

1.      The era of Artificial Intelligence:

The era of artificial intelligence, the machine learning will enhance the businesses with their smartness and responsiveness. According to dissertation service:

            “AI is the future of every business as it makes business smarter

There are a number of things which comes under AI umbrella as in marketing, HR and other business related domains. Even in gamification AI is taking over the world. There are number of games which involve AI and people love it. Computers are now doing machine learning to replace humans and create an edge computing era.

2.      Blockchain:

There are number of technologies which are emerging now from them one is blockchain. Where information is transferred from one source to another source in easy manner; Blockchain consists of no transaction costs so it becomes easy to use this technology. Crypto currencies are important feature of block chain as it circulates in   market like flat currencies. In this era of technologies, the flat currencies are part of previous era now due to advancement in technology.

3.      Augmented reality:

The mixture of virtually and real world is called augmented reality. This has been introduced to the world of education and learning. The people are taught in a manner that they can experience the real and fake world together. There are different types of augmented reality:

·         Superimposition Based Augmented Reality:

A reality is replaced by virtual world, where people get to view a number of options, if they are virtually changing the position of an image and get to know different views.

·         Location Based Augmented Reality:

The era of augmented reality is already in business as much of this type is in used by a number of people. Mark less or location based augmented reality is used to pin point different location, businesses and maps to guide people to their destiny.

  • The biggest benefit is that it has enhanced the education and business sector as a number of training are being done through AR.

4.      Zero Sized Intelligence:

When whole world is put in a zero sized chip; it is packing the whole information in a chip size as it means to get the intelligence cross the world by world easily. World by world means from world of information to world of technology; the delivery of words and information is mad easy. The use of this technology is that people will be able to transfer information from one route to another.

There are a number of benefits as when technology is captured in mini size there is ease to use and process it.

5.      IoT:

Internet of things is the newbie in the technology market. Through this the devices can communicate with each other and produce the productivity which cannot be beat by other stuff. The internet of things involves the sharing of data and storage of data through different devices. The usage of this technology has ease up the usage of technical devices and speed up the transfer of information for human benefit. According to persuasive essay writing; “Due to IoT, the sharing of information will increase and this will ease out the process”. There are number of benefits which one can use while getting used to of the IoT:

  • Enhance productivity
  • Its monitor overall activities of business
  • Enhance customer experience
  • Generate more revenue
  • Enhance business decision.


The technologies which will win out the future are in need by tomorrow people. The more people are aware of these technologies the better opportunity they will get in future. As the world is advancing the technology is innovating too. What a person need is to get aware of these technologies so they can produce well.