Like many of you, I shifted entirely to tele-health last week. I learned a few things along the way. This way of working is not brand new to me.

I’ve coached clients all over the world with tele-sessions. However, the back to back sessions like this was a little different than one here and there.

I imagine I’m not alone in this experience.

Like I said, I learned a few things last week. I imagine you did as well. Mostly, it had to do with paying close attention to what my body needs.

Here are five things I learned to make things roll with a little more ease:

1. Move your body between sessions. Seriously. MOVE. YOUR. BODY. I have my office set up with yoga blankets and blocks ready to go. I switch up between yoga, dancing with youtube, Feldenkrais lessons from Kathy White, Nia Five Stages thanks to Elizabeth Cole, and tapping on my body (I’ll show y’all that sometime if you want – that body tapping feels great!).

2. Go outside between sessions. If you can’t go outside, stand up and gaze outside while taking some easy breaths. Give yourself access to nature’s solace.

3. Check your set up. I had to make some changes in my set up from last week. My back was a little more sore and my neck was just not too happy. What small shifts might you make that could support your body better?

4. Learn to make the image of yourself go away. I’m surely not the only one to find it DISTRACTING to see an image of myself when I’m working. After several sessions last week, I FINALLY noticed that I could collapse my own image. I felt like I’d hung the moon on that one!

5. Make sure that your face is lit from in front of you and that you can see your client’s face. Take the time to make sure you are both comfortable with the set up. Remind them to have water and tissue, do the same for yourself.

Finally, what are you learning to make this way of serving a bit more grace-filled and easeful?AND, please share pics of your new office set up!