I’m an introvert and spend most of my day listening to others (which I love) and supporting them connecting to their Soul and whatever they call their higher power. One of my great skills is reading between the lines. Most people just hear words – I hear them, feel them and see them in all shades of color.

I admit it – I’m a deeply flawed human being. This is not said to be humble. It’s the truth. I guide people to connect to their higher selves because I want to be in that deep connection to reduce my own suffering. There have been days when my heart has been broken by what I heard from a client. After listening to people for over a decade, I’ve become aware that there are certain phrases that scream “limitations”. These catch-all statements are a signal to me about where a person is in their life and what could be next for them. Several of these have come out of my own mouth and will probably make appearances again.

  1. I’m Very Spiritual – Why does this scream limitation to me? People often use this as a way to say “I’m connected”. “I’m on a spiritual journey so the Divine knows who I am”. Being connected is a way of being – and seriously, you don’t think the Dali Lama would say this do you? Even if you didn’t know who he was, his energy speaks for itself. When people clarify this it’s because they don’t feel as connected as they would like to.
  2. I’m Very Intuitive – We are all intuitive, some of us utilize our intuition better than others. This is limiting because it is a way to be “special.” When we are looking for ways to let others know we’re special it is because we feel not enough internally.
  3. I’ve Worked On That – Personally, this was a big one for me. We often don’t realize that there are big themes in our lives. These themes are there to support and help us choose to be closer to our Divinity. This phrase is limiting because we are closing the door on discovering more of our own Divinity.
  4. I’m An Old Soul – My first response to this is always – so what? This is often used as a way to separate ourselves from others. “I know more than you because my Soul is older”. All I have to say to this is: out of the mouths of babes.
  5. I’m Good – Don’t get me wrong . . . many times, people are good. This statement usually comes up when a person is deeply afraid to ask for support or be vulnerable. I have used this one often. I used it when I was on a camping trip in Mexico with a group of people I didn’t know and the airline lost my luggage. All I had was the clothes on my back and what was in my knapsack. Everyone was asking me if I needed anything and my response was: I’m good. It was painfully obvious to everyone, but me, that I wasn’t “good” at all.

What do you do if you catch yourself using one of these phrases? Connect. This is a sign that a limiting pattern, preventing you from experiencing more joy and bliss, is being activated. Your first step is to pause. Just take a moment and reconnect to your higher self, then ask my favorite question: If I knew I was whole and complete, what would I say and do in this situation?

Being connected and then taking action from that place is a practice. As you grow and connect more deeply, limiting ways of being will show up and they are your opportunity to choose a different path – one closer to your own Divinity.