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Initially, I wasn’t planning to watch Oprah’s interview with the former royals. I am not a fan of “sensationalized, reality TV” where we will never hear the other person’s side firsthand. However, since my family was hyped up and kept talking about it, I decided to tune in. 

5 Things that Meghan Markle’s transparency taught women on how to thrive and survive 

  1. Too much pressure and force can be deadly.
  2. Ask for help.
  3. Stop putting on a happy face.
  4. Know when to step back, step down, and put yourself first.
  5. Make your peace, happiness, love, and family a priority.

These lessons have nothing to do with whose side you’re on or who you believe, but the reality of society and how societal demands, pressures, and culture are harming our women and stripping them of their value and worth. Feminism has nothing to do with this.

The motivational and spiritual quotes on how pressure creates diamonds minimize pressure’s destructive nature and diamonds’ fragile nature. Too much pressure and force applied to anything can break it, alter it, or destroy it entirely. Everyone and everything that exists in nature has its breaking point. If this truth is not realized soon enough, the damage may be irreparable. And why would anyone think that the extremely high levels of pressure necessary to create diamonds would ever be a litmus test of one’s strength, especially a woman? Women beware of these symbolic widely accepted notions, symbolisms, and paradigms.

I applaud Meghan Markle for acknowledging that something was wrong and asking for help. As an abuse survivor who battled with suicidal thoughts, my heart resonated with her transparency on contemplating suicide as a solution. I lived the whole “show up, smile, and pretend like everything is okay” advice for far too long and it almost killed me. I cringe when I hear people advise others to just “suffer through it.” SUFFER through it? That is the perfect recipe for disaster. 

The truth is there are periods in life that are overwhelming and you need to take a step back. This is not about being weak, about being a failure, or needing to just “keep going” or just “do it.” Sometimes you need to STOP in order to BREATHE. Your “breath” will allow you to release the mental, physical, and emotional blocks; release trauma, anxiety, depression, fear, grief, and anger; as well as allow you to reconnect, focus, gain clarity, communicate effectively, and regain your love, peace, and gratitude. You will be able to make wise decisions that will work in your favor. Even the universe and our global ecosystem have moments of pause. Why shouldn’t you?

What Meghan Markle’s and Harry’s interview really demonstrated was the importance of prioritizing your peace, love, happiness, and family. Regardless of what role or status you were born into, you control the trajectory of your life. There are times where you will have to go against the grain, even at the risk of losing everything. 

Life is full of loss. In order for one to survive and thrive, you have to choose your losses. Is anything worth the risk of losing your health, peace, joy, love, family, purpose, passion, and your life? Think twice and choose wisely.