There you are. Look at you! You’ve visited our anti aging clinic and you got your recommended HGH cycle. You’re pumped, you’re excited and nothing can derail your progress. Well, except for you…

Far too often, people leap into a lifestyle change protocol, primed and poised to make monumental changes. They get off to a great start, only to end up hitting a plateau and wondering why.

In the best of cases, it’s because they fell into some bad habits that can easily be turned around. This is almost always the case. And what you are about to learn are five of these common things that can sabotage any man or woman’s progress in the crack of a matchstick. Don’t become another victim to this outcome.

Avoid these pitfalls and the funds you spend on your HGH dosage will be money well spent.

1. Drinking Beer

Let’s expand on this a little bit. Drinking all forms of high-calorie beverages is bad news for your progress. But it just so happens that beer and other forms of alcohol are the worst!

For some reason, people are still under the false pretenses that calories from alcohol don’t matter. At least, they want to justify imbibing a couple pints or glasses of wine in the evening when they’re lounging on the back porch.

If you are serious about your health and keeping weight off or losing it in the first place, then lose the alcohol. And the soda, sweetened teas, energy drinks, juices and so on.

To add to the destruction that alcohol can do, it’s not only fattening, but it also blocks your body’s ability to produce testosterone when consumed in excess. Then you can kiss your muscle mass goodbye and you end up with another problem.

Keep it to low levels and don’t drink it often.

2. Not Training Hard Enough

If you think you can get in shape without putting your foot on the accelerator, you are fooling yourself. And on the other side of the coin, you do not want to train too hard, too often.

Overall, there is a sweet spot you want to hit. This can take a little trial and error. But for the most part, if you are not building muscle or breathing hard during your workouts, then you’re not training hard enough. People who spend more time on Instagram than working out fall into this category.

Don’t worry about who’s Live or on vacation in Paris. All that nonsense can wait until after your workout. Get serious and go for the gold every time you step foot in the gym and you won’t get thrown off course.  

3. Eating too Much and too Often

If you like to eat six meals a day or three meals and three snacks, then you must not like the idea of getting into shape. There are a couple problems with this strategy. First of all, let’s take a look at your pancreas.

When you eat even a balanced meal that contains protein and carbs, your blood sugar level rises. Your pancreas then releases insulin to balance it out. Insulin is a fat-storage hormone.

When you follow this patterns six times a day, your insulin never gets a chance to come back to baseline. Do you see the problem here? You are then predisposing yourself to diabetes, while also putting yourself in a favorable position to store fat.

Plus, because you are eating all day, you can easily go overboard on the calories. Then the problem quickly becomes twofold.

If anything, you should go the opposite direction and eat only two or three meals a day with no snacks in between.

4. Doing too Much Cardio

No, cardio does NOT make you fat! Geez… It was a Grade A idiot whoever made up that nonsense. But it WILL cause you to plateau and not make any further progress if that is all you do.

Your goal is to formulate a plan that includes cardio AND weight training. Adding muscle to your body will raise your metabolism, among other things.

So don’t spend 2 hours a day, 7 days a week on a cardio machine, moving at a slow pace. Do more like three cardio workouts a week and three weight training workouts a week.

And make sure those cardio workouts have some pop to them. In other words, incorporate high-intensity intervals.

Following this type of scheme will prevent plateaus and give you the best chance of leaning out.

5. Following Fads

Ah yes, the good old fads, You’ve probably seen and heard them all. Low-carb, Paleo, gluten-free, CrossFit, Brazilian Butt Lift, the list goes on and on. Don’t be a fool and buy into any of this!

The perfect plan for you is not what your friend Mildred down the hall from you is doing. That works for Mildred. You need to find out what works for YOU and no one else!

Take this into consideration for a second. You started doing a solid workout routine that you got from a personal trainer. In addition, you gave up processed grains and sugar and started losing weight.

You also felt great and started seeing noticeable changes in your physical appearance. But… one day you walk into the office and heard about this “thing” called the keto diet. So you cut your carbs down to 30 g a day.

Three days later, you found yourself ravenous, anxious and starving. Then you went off the hook and ate an entire bag of kettle corn. Your sweet tooth got triggered and you started eating everything in sight.

Sad to say, you gained back the weight you lost and lost the motivation to start back up again.

That familiar scene can be avoided by sticking with what works for you and not being fooled by what others are doing.

Be the Change

With a little bit of knowledge and determination, you can lose weight, gain benefits and avoid falling off the wagon when you are using HGH. It just takes avoidance of the wrong things and acceptance of the right ones. Stick to the right and you will not be disappointed.