Dear beautiful reader, yes you. You are one amongst the lucky ones to read this post. I say this because you opened two very special gifts this morning, your eyes. There is this disconsolate fact about our nature that “The last night was the last night for someone”. But we are blessed with another chance to live this life better.

Most of us or rather all of us wake up almost every morning by a very irksome noise right from under our pillow or next to the table. Well, I think it’s the alarm for the new day. Our brain is now in an aghast not knowing what happened but all of a sudden just got back into action. However, this is not how our body grinds nor wants to grind like. Having said this much, let us look at a few things which we can do every morning that keeps our body and our soul pertinent.

  1. Begin your day with gratitude

The power of gratitude is immensely strong. Being thankful for whatever you have and with what you are blessed with is the key to keep our mind in healthy. Remember to charge yourself up with positivity. “The most powerful of all positive emotions is gratitude because it forces you to shift your attention to your blessings”.

2. Resolve to have a positive vision

All of us have heard this well said proverb “Nobody including ourselves is perfect”. All of us are two faced or maybe more, one is the sweet and good side and the other is the bitter and ‘not so good side’. Our human minds wants to find the imperfections in others, judge over the ‘not so good side’. But remember each of us, including you and me can change the world. Every morning resolve that you will try and look at the positive side and neglect or deal with the dark side. The more we stay focused on the negative, our minds get occupied with the fault of others, ruining our day, our work, our peace and even our relationships.

3. Trust the broader plan

Walk up to the mirror, look at yourself and tell “what’s happening to me is what I need”. Be it something seemingly good or terribly bad, it is exactly what I need, nothing more or nothing less. Every incident happening to you be it small or big it is the piece in the big puzzle, your life. In order you complete the puzzle, you will need all the pieces even the ones that are ugly, even the ones you never wanted to be on it. Everything will someday unfold, for your wellbeing, for who you are.

4. Do the small things right

“Small things lead to a big attitude. The US Navy admiral, William McRaven said- Making your bed everyday in the morning will reinforce the fact that little things in life matter. If you can’t do the little things right, you will never be able to do the big things right. For instance, say you had a miserable or hectic day maybe at work or at college, but when you come back you see a bed that you already made, and a made bed gives you encouragement that tomorrow will be better.

5. Decide to help someone

“Everyone you meet is fighting a battle that you know nothing about”. Be kind. Be helpful. Share empathy, love and kindness with people around you. Haven’t you heard this proverb “Do good to others and it will come back to you in unexpected ways”. Make a spiritual connection in your morning routine, which will illuminate your inside so that you can brighten your outside and share your light to others.

Keeping all these in mind, let us meditate on the fact that every morning will bring some challenges and every evening will leave us with wisdom and experience with which we are ready to open our two gifts, in a fresher way the next day, if we are allowed to.

~an inspiration from Gaur Gopal Das