“Nobody can pay my full prices right now, so I’ll have to lower them..”

…. says my client, who serves one on one clients and small groups. In the past week, she’s had more requests for her services than normally because people need exactly what she teaches. (Actually… her business is doing great…)

As you might have guessed already, I do not agree with her here. I think lowering her prices as a fast impulse is a reaction from fear and from a lack-mindset. (and by no means I am closing my eyes for what is going on in the world..)

Here’s my point. 

Lowering your prices won’t help anyone. And most likely it will kick you straight into over-giving and under-earning mode…

Instead of all of a sudden lowering your prices, I suggest to do something else, give freely, show up, or dig up that one freebie you haven’t given away in a while. 

1/ Show up more often on social media. For example, I’m doing a Free movement practice or meditation 3 times a week in my FB group that helps to center, ground, and focus. Being connected instead of wallowing in thoughts or stress enables you to feel supported. And I can give that with ease, so that is what I do.

2/ Create co-working hours. My clients and I go on Zoom for 90 minutes. Some of them are feeling lonely, or are having kids and need some extra support in having focused time. So that’s another way I can help them and get my own work done. Win-win!

3/ Give resources away instead of your time. Do you have a PDF that people need now? Give it away! Can you create a meditation, a short yoga flow? Put a quick landing page together and share it – giving feels great, and at the same time, you expand your audience. Win-win again!

4/ Create one free workshop. One of my clients listened to what her people really needed: She created a free workshop for choir members and singers on how to continue their work online, and had 600 sign-ups and 300 people showing up live on the call! Takeaway: Listen to the needs of your audience and give them what helps them most right now. 

5/ Partner with other leaders and speak to their audiences for free. Can you teach an online workshop that will help somebody else’s audience? Offer it to them! It’s great exposure, you’ll share your knowledge and could get other clients down the line. 

You get it… focus on being of service, and don’t be afraid to create a win-win. 

Yes, you’re allowed to build your list, to onboard new clients, or to expand your reach!!! 

First and foremost, if you’re a giver (which I am sensing you are….), it feels great to give. 

So do that. And you’ll see, it’s way more fulfilling than lowering your prices. 

How are you showing up for your audience right now?