Vancouver is commonly mistaken as the capital of Canada, and there’s a reason for that. This west coast seaport city is a diverse mecca that is thriving with good food, an amazing entertainment scene, and stunning mountain views. Although the capital of Canada is Ontario’s Ottawa, we can’t blame people for assuming it’s Vancouver.

Eclectic art, hiking trails, and delicious food isn’t all that Vancouver has to offer. Now that recreational cannabis is legal, you can legally purchase some of Canada’s best weed. Still not convinced that Vancouver is for you? Here are 5 things to keep you busy on your trip to Canada’s most diverse city.

Take a stroll through Stanley Park

Some might describe Stanley Park as a peaceful oasis in the center of downtown Vancouver. It is Vancouver’s first and largest park, not to mention the most popular one by far. This natural raincoast hugging the West Coast has everything you could want; you’re surrounded by mountain, lake, and city views.

Once you are actually in the park, there is plenty to keep you busy. This is a great place to bring the family since it is home to playgrounds, picnic areas, beaches, and even a waterpark. Be sure to walk along the Stanley Park Seawall, the world’s longest uninterrupted waterfront path. With this title, you know that you’ll be getting uninterrupted views of the sea.

This is the top spot in the city for a medley of recreational activities. When you walk along the Seawall, you’ll see what this means. Tons of Vancouver natives and visitors jog, cycle, and skate along this path.

Satisfy your tummies with a food tour through the city

Foodies will be in heaven when they make the trip to Vancouver. Since it is the most diverse city in Canada, there are so many international food options to choose from. You know you’re getting the real deal when you order international dishes from an authentic restaurant in Vancouver.

There are several food tour companies you can sign up with, or you can just guide your own tour. A tour will include some underground local favorites, so you’ll get the full experience with a tour company rather than on your own. There are also tons of wine tastings, brewery tours, and chocolate tastings around and just outside of the city.

Take in the city views at the Vancouver Lookout

One of the best features of Vancouver is that it is a city surrounded by both water and mountain ranges. Unfortunately, you can’t always appreciate this from the ground. If you want to take it all in, your best bet is to travel to the top of the Vancouver Lookout.

The Lookout is the only place you can get 360 degree views of the entire city. At the top there is an observation deck that stretches 170 meters above the city grounds. Admission isn’t free unfortunately; adult tickets cost $18.25, youth (13-18) tickets cost $13.25, and children (6-12) cost $9.50. This lasts for the entire day, so you could come several times if you are sightseeing in the area.

Sign up for a day with Vancouver Brewery Tours

Beer lovers, keep reading. Vancouver is home to some of Canada’s best breweries, and missing out on them would be offensive to beer lovers around the world. When creating your brewery itinerary, trying to go at it alone won’t be easy. On your own you’ll have the added worry of ordering UBERs and staying sober enough to make it to more than just one brewery.

The top tour company for beer lovers is Vancouver Brewery Tours. For the team members, craft beer is their passion. With them you won’t just have fun, but also learn a lot about Vancouver’s most famous breweries. You even get to tour behind-the-scenes before you get to try lots and lots of beer.

Vancouver Brewery Tours has a few tour options to choose from. You can do a straight-to-the-point brewery tour or you can add food into the mix. They offer a Beer & Food Brewery tour where you stop at 3 popular breweries and then end with dinner at a Vancouver hotspot.

Purchase some of Canada’s best cannabis at a Vancouver weed dispensary

Not only will you get good food, great beer, and pretty views in Vancouver, but you can also roll up a joint of some of the best weed in Canada. Now that’s it’s legal, BC growers are producing an absurd amount of ganja that you can legally buy at a local Vancouver dispensary. You can even order it from a variety of online marijuana dispensaries.

No matter what you’re weed-smoking preferences are, there is a dispensary in Vancouver that has something for you. Whether you prefer an energetic sativa, relaxing indica, or pure CBD oil, the best place to indulge in cannabis is in Vancouver. Not just since it’s legal now, but also because it is home to some of the world’s best weed.


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