If you plan to settle in the United States or if you have just arrived in this territory, you may feel at ease thanks to the quality medical infrastructure of the country. But do you know how expensive health care in the United States can cost you? Do you know everything about the different parts of the system?

At Companion Care in Florida, we specialize in healthcare for expatriates. This is why we present to you the first 5 things you absolutely need to know about healthcare in the United States. You will know what to expect and this will allow you and your family to be adequately covered when needed.

1. There is no universal health system

Unlike many developed countries, the United States government does not offer a public or universal health care system to its citizens, let alone its visitors. This means that if you need health care, you have to pay for your treatment.

2. Health care in the United States can be very expensive

Health care in the United States can sometimes cost twice as much as any other developed country. Expatriates who decide to settle in the United States, therefore, have every interest in taking out comprehensive health coverage like Quality Companion Care to avoid having to pay colossal hospital bills.

Without health coverage, you risk not getting medical care if you don’t pay for it in advance or having to pay astronomical bills for emergency treatment

3. Many people living in the United States have health insurance

Attaining quality private or public health insurance is the best way to save patients from having to pay hefty health care bill. There are different types of health insurance and a multitude of insurance companies, with different exclusions and special conditions.

Expatriates in the United States have a choice: they can take out an international policy or get coverage from different types of health insurance companies in the country. In many cases, expatriate employees can take advantage of their employer’s group insurance plans, which can often cover their families. But if you’re looking for assistance at home, providing daily routine help, Companion Care is the best route.

4. The health care system is sometimes difficult to understand

Because of the many facets of the American health care system, expatriates often find it difficult to understand how it works. With a health insurance plan, you can choose a quality plan from your insurance company’s network.

In addition to the many types of insurance and insurance companies, there are two bodies: preferred healthcare providers and healthcare management organizations. Both offer a subscription to their own medical network and reduced treatment rates.

The Affordable Care Act is a recently passed health care reform. It aims to give access to health care to more people in the country and to ensure that patients with pre-existing health problems are not denied health insurance.

5. Expatriates prefer international health insurance

Private and individual health insurance policies are often more advantageous for expatriates than local policies. The international coverage provided by these types of policies is best suited for mobile citizens around the world, as they provide access to the health care system in many countries.

Quality Companion Care is there to help you with your daily tasks at home so that you can live the life you’re used to instead of forcing an unnecessary change.


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