We all have read about Gopal Dutt and his page the fact pro. But do we know him personally? I mean some personal things, his other works and everything. Today I will give some engaging and individual facts about these young phenomena Gopal Dutt who is getting the fame of a superstar at a tender age.
1.) He is flexible like rubber, and you might think and IT page owner and body like an elastic. Yes, Gopal Dutt is a state level Gymnast. He is an Athlete who has made his family, school and city proud at the state level in Gymnast. So it shocks you with the first the fact that Gopal Dutt an IT person is a Gymnast. A different profession which is a unique example. It is just a start four more interesting facts are as follows.
2.) Social Responsibility: You got surprised with first one, here’s the second one, He raises fund for social activities, He and his group are working for underprivileged kids, they are not only raising funds but visit them and take care. Now, that’s a lovely thing to do at a tender age. He is a real influencer and example setter how to use your popularity in the right direction.
3.) Popular Name in social media: He is not an average person now, he is a star, and that reflects from the fact pro page, and his page, Gopal’s graph is touching new highs with 1.5M followers in one-year time, Now that’s something crazy. A young student with no background is getting a huge fan following which even a Bollywood star wouldn’t get such followers.
4.) Started Digital Media company: Gopal Dutt launched a digital media company, where he manages social media marketing. In no time he is working for over 200 profiles worldwide. So be a Celeb with Gopal Dutt’s Digital Media company.
5.) www.instamax.in: Gopal has founded a new concept for the people who want to market their pages and want to give their pages to handle some other company. Then best influencer of India himself is having a website www.instamax.in where he makes your social media work easy by managing accounts that too in reasonable rates. So don’t waste time boost your popularity by telling everyone Gopal Dutt handles my page.
So this was some unknown facts about Gopal Dutt, follow him and his page the fact pro on Instagram for new and exciting updates.