1. The twenty-two-year-old writer, Omair Tarique, hails from the city of Kolkata, currently pursuing English Honours from Calcutta University, found the love for written word in his early teens. Not only did Tarique believe in the power of language and the various repercussions it can have on people, for him writing is a doorway to another world, a break from reality.

2. Tarique made his publication debut on 10th May 2017 with ‘STRANGER’ a collection of short stories. Right now, he is working on his next book.

3. Omair found a haven in writing, but found peace in reading. The young author is widely known for his fondness of books: from organizing monthly Readathons, having his own online book club to reviewing books and just encouraging people to start reading, this man is full of passion. Some people know him as a “Book Fairy” — if he adores a book, he will leave a copy of the same in cafés for others to find.

4. On most days Tarique survives on coffee, good movies and music whilst drowning in work. However, now on weekends he hosts an AMA for his readers, largely trying to help teenagers in angst and every person who thinks they are alone.

5. He manages a team of twenty-three writers at The Scribbled Stories, who come from different countries and walks of life. Tarique also curates stories submitted at the organisation’s submission portal. With his team, he has conducted various workshops in colleges across the country — from IITs to Liberal Arts Colleges.