Yatendra Meghwal the, young Entrepreneur is an inspirational personality gaining success at a very tender age. Yatendra meghwal is the founder of the “Artist Mine Music” which is famous for Rap music and also provides a platform to rising artists. Yatendra Meghwal works on a different kind of music he likes to meet people that are attached to music. He motivates young artist around India and helps them to work on their dreams.
Yatendra Meghwal is workaholic by nature, and he does not like to waste time. You will always see him busy in his profession, and that has become his force from a very young age. He is completely distinct from other artists, he is not greedy like others he runs for his company and also helps fellow artists. Yatendra is an exceptional person so let us see five unknown facts about him.

1. Some Childhood facts: Yatendra is born on 8 Sep 1997 in Rajasthan. Some are born talented, and yatendra comes in that list. He was only 15 where he, single-handedly organize a successful show where people shocked with happiness by his dedication and work. Next year he managed another successful event called Badshah, which was a live concert in Jaipur.

2. Badminton Player: Yatendra was an excellent badminton player. He did try to play at the state level, but there was no support to go forward in this game and badminton was also not that famous at that time to choose it as a carrier, so he left that game after playing for few years at a higher leve

3. Has given Beats for a Famous Song (Tari Judai Mai): Yatendra has helped one of his Musician Producer friends, for his song which was return by him but Music beats and the remix was done by yatendra for that song. That song has is watched by more than 6million people on YouTube.

4. Unsung Hero: Yatendra has handled one big event, which was successful at India level and he didn’t take any credit of it. Yatendra was the backbone of that event, and he never told anyone and never market that in media. That’s his nature he believes in doing work remaining he lives everything to God.

5. Promotional Work for Celebs: Apart from his company “Artist Mine Music”, Yatendra Meghwal also does promotional work, he is a Digital Marketing expert. He knows how to do celebrity promotion; he has worked with many celebs at a very young age