Boosting productivity is important to get ahead in life. There are only twenty-four hours in a day and we have so much to accomplish within this short period of time. Some of us work like horses all day long and still do not get all the things done by the end of the day. Others keep getting distracted and side-tracked finishing their days with unfinished businesses at hand.

What gives? How to boost our productivity to be successful in our daily lives and in our businesses?

Below are 5 time tested ways of boosting our productivity.

1. Planning in Advance Will Boost Productivity

We need to plan the day the day or night before. Having a plan done ahead of time, we know exactly what we need to do and can do the things staying on schedule. Wise men say work started is work half done. Lot of us start our days unprepared and go with the flow. This is not the most efficient way of getting things done. In order to boost productivity, we need to plan our day and fishing the day with an blank slate.

2. Proper Delegation to Boost Productivity

Like it has been said before, we only have twenty-four hours in a day, 8 hours in a work day to be exact, delegating some business process can boost our productivity within this limited amount of time. We do what we must ourselves and see what we can delegate to others. We might find that some business processes can be delegated to outsourcing companies or freelancers. If you are a photographer for example and shoot dark photography, then it might be cost and time efficient for you to outsource the photo editing part of the job. Shooting all day long and editing all night long is not too productive as you will need the energy for next day of photo shoot.

3. Boost Productivity by Eliminating Distractions

We all get distracted from our jobs by external elements and influences. May be phone ringing in the middle of a meeting, unexpected things popping up when you are busy, you just name it. We all get distracted from time to time which is the reality of life. We need to eliminate these distractions during our busy work day to boost productivity. We can finish our job faster if we are not distracted.

4.Stop Multi-Tasking to Boost Productivity

While multi-tasking can boost productivity at times, it is best to attend o a single job to fish that job quick and most efficiently. Multi-tasking like watching TV or listening to radio while cooking might work. However, watching TV or listening to music while doing our homework for school is not a good idea.

5. Plan Your Phone Calls to Boost Productivity

We may have phone calls to make though out the day. Instead of making those calls as we go, we should plan our phone calls. Designating a certain time of the day and book some time for the phone calls can boost our productivity. We can make a list of people we need to call, book the time in our calander, and then start making the calls within that time frame. This way we can finish all the calls we need to make within that time frame not missing a single call.