Contrary to popular belief, burnout doesn’t actually occur because of your workload, it occurs due to the resentment you feel as a result of saying yes to something you should have said no to.  

Last year I suffered from severe burnout and when searching for solutions, I discovered a video by NYC-based Burnout Coach, Caitlin Donovan who said, “In order to avoid burning out, you need to love your life as much, if not more, than your business. If your business is your way of escaping from your life – you’ll burn out every time.” 

Hearing this was a defining moment and absolute game changer for me as I realized in that moment that like so many entrepreneurs and incredibly career driven people, I had built my entire life around my business and brand, and if for any reason it all disappeared, I would be left with nothing as I had chosen work over a life outside of it. 

Instantly I knew some significant changes had to be made and this is how I did it:

Realign Your Work With Your Goals 

I asked myself the tough questions and got really focussed really fast. I refined my business and career goals and created personal development goals that included things like visiting a set number of new cities, saving a certain amount of money, getting in the best shape of my life – physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually – and as I recently relocated, making meaningful friendships here in NYC.

If It’s Not A “Hell yes!” It’s A No

Now when an opportunity presents itself, rather than saying yes immediately I take stock of how the potential yes weighs against my goals. if I cannot clearly see how it will enable me to get one step closer to achieving one of my goals, I respectfully decline. 

Conduct a Human Audit

If someone in your life makes you more unhappy than they make you happy, it doesn’t matter who they are, they’ve got to go. I audited everyone – clients, vendors, family, friends and my social media. 

Through doing this exercise, I made the difficult, but necessary, decisions to terminate a few clients, source some new vendors, distance myself from certain family members, walk away from a couple of friendships and unfollow or block negativity filling my social feeds. In order to become the person you’re working so hard to be, you need to be surrounded with positive energy and encouragement.        

Prioritize Your Health 

There is nothing better for the mind, body and soul than a good workout. Whether it’s boxing, yoga, running or a brisk walk in the park, as long as it gets your heart rate up and enables you to switch off and be present, you’ll feel so much better afterwards. 

Hire a Burnout Coach 

They exist – who knew? Mine has changed my life and as long as you’re ready to be called out on your excuses, and be held accountable for your actions, they will change your life too.

And above all, be mindful of what you consume. Whether it’s food, alcohol or your social media, be incredibly mindful of what you’re consuming. Make the healthiest choices possible as this creates a ripple effect on all facets of your life.