The first workplace will forever remain in your memory and will largely determine your further career path. For a university graduate who does not have work experience and communication skills, the first working days can be a real challenge. However, we bring to your attention 5 tips on starting your career and becoming successful in the end.

How To Get An Interview

To start building your successful career, first of all, get a job. And the first step will be your interview. This is not as easy as it might seem. For an interview, even on personal topics, you need to prepare:

  • Choose a business style of clothing in discreet tones and organize an appearance that suits the situation.
  • Think over the answers to the generally accepted interview questions.
  • Try to find out more about the company you are trying to get into about its goals and work principles.
  • Share your thesis work. Make them believe you can take on any tough task as you did your thesis without help from British dissertation writers.

Be calm and collected during the interview. Your job is to make a good impression and make the interviewee feel like you are a reasonable and reliable person with all the necessary skills.

Don’t Take Too Much Pressure

So, the interview is over, and you have to go to work every day. From the very first day, be clear about your immediate responsibilities and adhere to the principle: “I must do my job.” Be prepared for more experienced colleagues to try to shift the most difficult and time-consuming tasks onto your shoulders.

Prepare some polite rejection phrases in advance, for example:

  • Unfortunately, I am currently busy with an urgent report.
  • I would be glad to help, but today I definitely cannot.

In the future, you will be able to fulfill colleagues’ requests at will and from friendly motives. However, in the first days, it is necessary to define your positions clearly.

Maintain A Polite Distance With Colleagues

To maximally integrate into the team in which you plan to work for a long time, it is important to refrain from gossiping. Avoid the discussions of the personal qualities and appearance of other employees, and value judgments. Even if they are persistently trying to strike up a conversation of this nature with you, don’t respond. 

During joint breaks, tea parties, and other leisure activities, try to participate only in neutral topics. Without getting personal and not participating in colleagues’ gossip, you can build a healthy workplace relationship.

Don’t Be Afraid To Admit Your Mistakes

Only those who do nothing at all are not mistaken. But, making a mistake in a new type of activity for you, it is better to discuss it with more experienced colleagues immediately. Compose a phrase in such a way that your colleague feels like an irreplaceable employee who can help an unreasonable newbie without making it public.

You will not accurately assess the scale of the problem and the possible consequences in the beginning. So be sure to discuss any mistake with your mentor.

Look For Motivation

Any job, whatever profession you choose, over time, becomes dull and boring. Therefore, from the first days, look for any motivating factors related to your position. At the same time, salary should not be your main motivation. At first, you will enjoy a large salary, but you will soon get used to it. It will not add any incentives to continue your career in this company.

If you are working along with the studies, you can get support from assignment writing services UK. Stay positive and look for motivation in:

  • Opportunity for career growth
  • Good team, friendly and interesting in communication
  • Your self-development
  • Getting satisfaction from healthy eating.

Work should bring positive emotions; otherwise, even a large amount of your salary will not keep you in this company.


These tips will be helpful for a newbie and a graduate in the workplace. However, apart from these, you need to have a positive work attitude and passion to excel. Only with the right passion and dedication you can become successful in any career.


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