asking for help

Asking for help isn’t your forte right now? After all, you don’t want to be seen as incompetent? These 5 tips will make asking questions easier and lead you to success faster.

“Could you help me, I can’t do it alone.” A simple sentence – actually. But many entrepreneurs find it difficult to seek help from others. They are used to having answers to all questions. But asking someone about something when you’re stuck doesn’t mean that you can’t run your company on your own. This is a misconception of many managing directors, explain bestselling author Michael Hyatt and his daughter Megan in their podcast “Lead to Win” . Hyatt believes that bosses don’t have to have a solution to every problem – they just have to ask the right people.

These 5 tips will help you ask for help – and get it:

1. Make others experts
Hyatt believes that most people are happy to help. This is especially true if you are an expert in a field. “We shouldn’t hesitate to ask someone for help. Because it can be an opportunity for that person to contribute to a project, ”explains Hyatt. You should formulate your request accordingly: State why the person asked can help you in particular. For example, if you want to sell a product in Scandinavia and have an employee who has lived in Sweden for years, this is a good contact. Don’t just say, “I need your help”. Say: “Your knowledge of Scandinavia would help me a lot”. In doing so, you recognize his expert knowledge and show that you consider him capable.

2. Be positive
When asking someone for help, it is important to have a positive attitude. Let the helper know that they could be part of a great cause. Why? It is better to help someone who is passionate about an idea than to someone who is annoying or doesn’t care about the project. But don’t overdo it. “You shouldn’t sell and dramatize an idea about value. But you definitely shouldn’t sell it below value either, ”says Hyatt.

3. Ask instead of demand
If someone politely asks us for advice, we’ll be happy to help. If someone demands something, we tend to fight back. Keep this in mind – for example, when you ask for something by email. Hyatt advises the recipient of the email to find a way out. Instead of writing, “You have to help me,” write, “I understand if you are unable to help me. There’s no pressure and I’m not upset if you don’t like it. ”This is how you give the person a chance to say no. However, you should then be able to live with a no for an answer.

4. Ask again
If an email with a request goes unanswered, check back. “If you’ve emailed or called asking for an answer, it’s appropriate to send a second query,” says Hyatt. The other person may have overlooked, forgotten or simply not had the time to reply to your email. However, Hyatt also warns, “There’s nothing more annoying than someone who can’t accept a no.” So if you’ve got a resounding no from someone, ask someone else.

5. Thank you
That should actually be a matter of course. Thanking you for the help you received ensures that they will be happy to help you again in the future. For example, a handwritten thank you message is a nice gesture, says Hyatt. They show that you recognize and appreciate the effort that the helper had to do because of you.

Those who stick to the tips will notice how much easier it is for them to ask for help. And that the reactions are more positive.