We are living in a tough world where everyone wants to achieve and be the next big thing. Others are going bankrupt and finding it really hard to cope when things start going awry. People are suffering from mental diseases as they try to find a balance in their lives. Social media is giving people undue pressure as they try to live their lives like their peers.

The coronavirus has deteriorated things. People are going through mental pressure as they battle with newfound unemployment, departure of their loved ones, salary cuts, businesses going under and travel restrictions.

In this turbulent world, we all need to find calm and serenity even as we go on with our lives and continue working in our organizations. In this article, we look at tips on how to unwind and find control of our own personal vibration.

Ditch technology for a bit

Obsession on smartphones, tablets and our computers can sometimes drain us. I have actually seen people who are always carrying their phones into their bedrooms and spend long hours on social media. They will be moving from Tiktok, Facebook, Youtube and Instagram admiring the who is who on social media. It never does them any good.

For one, you are spending too much time on your tech gadgets while you should be sleeping. Giving your body some rest will rejuvenate you. At the same time, you are admiring other people and this makes you wish to be like them. You will therefore want to achieve the things that they have which at most times will be impossible.

Create meaningful connections

You need to create meaningful connections with people who are real, honest and have no pretense. With such caliber of people, you are able to discuss your failures and they will encourage you. They will also laugh at your inadequacies and this makes you feel that there is nothing too serious about what you are going through.

Meaningful connections can be made with people who genuinely need you and will not judge you when you fail because they too have been accustomed to the hard side of life. I for example found it nice to connect with kids at a special needs children’s home. These kids are simply amazing. They appreciate the time and little resources you give to them. At the same time, they will wish you luck in your endeavors and that is indeed a sweet thing.

Take a break from work and go out for a vacation

While we think of vacations as exorbitantly expensive and unachievable, the converse is true. They are not that expensive. They also help you to focus on the beauty of nature without thinking too much about your job. With a good vacation, you will also feel revamped both in mind and spirit. A good vacation should involve relaxing not only your mind but also your body where you get a body massage and feel excited to face the world. With a massage from spaces likes masakor in Korea, you are assured that your body will feel relaxed and rested to face work.

Don’t exert too much pressure on yourself

Stress comes in when we put too much pressure on ourselves. We want to succeed, to achieve and to be better. All these are good but what if things do not pan out as we had expected? What do we do? Do we hide away from friends and family because we feel like failures?

Telltale signs that can inform you that you are shoving too much pressure on yourself include: feeling stressed out all the times, not thinking that you are good enough, allowing your failures to down you from trying again and having unrealistic expectations.

Find a pastime that you engage in

When push comes to shove and you really need to find a balance, an activity you love can come in handy to help you get out of the mental stress you are battling with. Your pastime could be something as small as drawing, listening to music, painting, reading a romantic novel or dancing. It will however help in getting you to calm down and focus on life from a new slate.


  • Trizah Wanja

    Trizah Wanja, Caregiver

    Trizah Wanja works as a palliative caregiver at a missionary hospice in Kenya where she is responsible for taking care of cancer and Parkinson's patients by encouraging them emotionally, spiritually and psychologically. She brings over 9 years of experience into hosiped.