move to a New City

Moving to a new city can be difficult and the process can be even harder if you are not prepared for it. To make it easier for you to relocate, I’ve come up with some tips to guide you settle in faster in your new home. Whether you’re moving because of work, to get a new start in life or school I’m sure you can do with some help in the relocation department.

Do your research

This is the first thing you should do when you decide to move to a new city. From the research you’ll get to know about the cost of living in the city, what the weather is like, how is the traffic, what are the social hot spots you can go to make new friends, etc.

If you’re moving to start a new life it is important that you look at the job market or business environment in the city. You don’t want to risk leaving a steady job and move to a city expecting to get a new one only to be disappointed. If you can visit the city you plan to move to before you make a final decision to move there.  This way you can check things out and get a feel of how living there will be.

Check your Finances

The cost of living in different cities varies. For example, New York, Paris, Singapore, and Hong Kong are some of the world most expensive cities to live in. Living in these cities will cost you more than living in Lagos, Buenos Aires, Memphis, or New Delhi. Whichever city you’re moving to you want to be sure that you can afford it.

So look at how much money you have in the bank and determine whether you can cover all moving costs and pay the bills for the first few months after relocating if you don’t already have a job you’re taking up. I recommend you create a relocation budget and stick to it that way you will hopefully avoid any financial difficulties.

Find a Suitable Home

You’ll need a place to stay so start looking for one as early as you can before your move. Starting to look at properties early gives you enough time to consider most rentals available for your budget. Trying to get a place days or weeks to your move could lead to a rush which could make you settle for a home you will immediately hate once you move in. When looking for a home consider the crime rate in the area, the standard of living in the different neighborhoods, amenities close by, transportation system and so on.

Remember your rent or mortgage payments should not be more than 25% of your disposable income. If money is tight for you consider sharing an apartment. For example, if you’re moving to Germany you could rent your room in Berlin at a much lower cost. If you go for this option be sure to choose a roommate you can get along with.

Carefully Plan your Move

You’ve done your research, created a budget for your move and found a place to live now it’s time to do the packing. Again don’t wait for the last minute to start packing your items that will be a disaster waiting to happen. I suggest you break down the packing into small tasks that you can do every day for a few weeks before moving day arrives.

Having a properly organized plan will ensure when the time comes you have everything in the moving boxes and won’t leave any of your belongings behind. When doing your packing create time to change your address. Doing so will ensure you don’t miss out on any important mail when you move to the new city. The post office will have your new address and send that mail there.

Get out and Explore the City

Unpacking will take you some time but once you’re done with it or even before get out and see the city. If you are starting a new job take a trial trip to the office to see how long your commute will take. That way you’ll know how much time it takes so that you’re not late on your first day.

You can do a little celebration for successfully moving to the new city and head over to the local pub for a few drinks. There you can make some new friends who will make settling in not as lonely. Also, go over and say hi to your neighbors.

Whichever city you’re moving to, I hope you settle in fast and have the time of your life while there!