There are various ways you may choose to take to improve your health and wellness. There are small things that you may do as they are easy to fit in your daily routine. A few minutes of your time is good enough for you to make a difference in your health.

Here are five tips that you may start to include in your daily activities of which will become a habit or a permanent part of your lifestyle.


It has been recommended by health professionals that for us to de-stress, proper breathing, meditation, and daily exercise are best practices. However, very simple activities like reading a book or listen to relaxing music can already help with de-stressing. De-stressing is important because stress unrelieved for a long time can cause illness like a migraine, ulcer, depression, heart problems, stroke and more.

With exercising, there is no need to do strenuous workouts and stay for an hour or more. 20 – 30 minutes of exercise daily, like simply walking, is already good enough relieve stress. If you really are a busy person, take a few moments and try to do slow and deep breaths. Relaxation comes in when you start to breathe slowly.

Doing this may help improve the function of your immune system. This can also decrease your heart rate whenever your body is at rest. Whenever we have low heart rates during rest, our bodies’ condition becomes better.

Outside the Box De-stressing

Believe it or not, a cannabis website called BareLeaf goes so far as to suggest that the de-stressing benefits of weed actually far outweigh any health concerns. We will let you be the judge of that one!

Retire to Bed Early

Most people nowadays, due to various reasons like career, hobbies and unnecessary activities, do not sleep with the right hours. Lack of sleep can increase the chances of having a stroke or heart attack. Setting a fixed time to sleep and wake up can really help for you to make sure that you get to sleep at least 7 hours a day.

Correct Your Body Posture

The next tip is to try to correct your body posture as this can help relax your body more. Whenever you are at work, sitting on your desk or when you are walking, make sure that you are cautious of how your back is positioned. Check whether your back is straight and make sure legs are not crossed. Initially, you may feel uncomfortable and awkward but once it becomes a habit, this will greatly benefit, not only your health but as well as your self-confidence.

Correcting your body posture decreases the risks of having back pain which is one of the most common problems in the US. If you work long hours in front of a computer, correct body posture is very beneficial as this can help you avoid eye strain, a strain on the back and the neck.

Dietary Alternatives

For healthier options, choose to eat whole grain instead of eating white rice, pasta, and white bread. Avoid using the skin of the chicken and choose lean beef and pork for cooking. Avoid drinks that are filled with sugar like powdered juice and sodas. Also, eat junk foods and sweets, minimally. When hungry in between meals, opt for healthy snacks like carrots or a piece of fruit. When eating, always opt for the greens

Green and leafy vegetables must always be a part of your diet as it is filled with fiber and has water which makes you full without taking extra fat and calories.

Take the Stairs

You must get those legs moving. So, whenever you are in the mall, avoid using escalators and elevators but instead use the stairs. Doing so will help your lungs to exercise and your blood pumping.