Fashion isn’t all about wearing expensive clothes, following complicated styles and going with the latest trend. Fashion should be comfortable, easy and amazing. Trust yourself and be confident and with the right choice of clothes, you can easily be fashionable. These 5 tips will help you with your choices so that, you find the perfect style that suits you.

Pick good Color Combinations

Picking the best pair or group of colors will take your fashion game to the next level. Discover colours that complement each other beautifully. Turquoise and coral pink, rose pink and nave blue, turquoise and yellow are some colours that go well together. Don’t be afraid to try out bright and vibrant colours.

 Wear a matching set and go all out with your favourite colours. Matching sets look good all on their own. You can also try going for a monochrome look.

Try a Different Approach

Test different types of clothes together to find out which goes along with which. Look from a different angle than you usually do. Experiment with different texture of clothes to find the best combination of fashion and comfort. Wear some bold leather outside and wear wool inside. It’s comfortable from inside and fashionable from the outside. 

Try out an open blazer with a slick top or t-shirt underneath to pull off a casual yet cool look. Surf the net for some trendy t-shirts and tops, and buy t-shirts online. Wear that jacket or coat over your shoulder like a cape instead of how you wear it usually and wear something easy going underneath. It’ll not only look cool but will also keep you chill in warm weathers. 

Get the Right Footwear

Selecting the right footwear is an important part of fashion. You can get matching shoes according to the colour code of your clothing. Or get something of a different colour, which silently complements your clothes. 

You can also opt-in for something opposite to the rest of your dress up. Pair up boots or sneakers with a dress that you usually wear heels with, or try sandals with something that usually pairs with sneakers. It’s good to try something out of the way from time to time as different is better every once in a while.

Choose the right Accessories

 The correct accessories will increase the potentiality of your dress up by a lot and make you look more fashionable. The colour and style of your accessories matter with the overall look of yours. You wouldn’t want your accessories to look weird in regards to the rest of you. Throw in a nice pair of a hat and a sunglass with your choice of attire. It’ll make you look good as well as protecting you from the sun. 

In doubt go Neutral

There are times when we just don’t know what to wear, what to choose. It feels like nothing is matching with anything. In confusing situations like these, the best option is to go for a neutral colour. You can either go all out with one colour or you can try different shades of monochromatic colours. Black and white is always a great choice.

Fashion is art. You don’t always have to go crazy and follow everything you see online. Find your style; discover what goes with your personality. Be confident, and I’m sure you’ll own it.


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