Satisfied employees are more productive, less likely to be sick, and perform better, according to a 2014 study by the University of Warwick.

Quick tips for promoting happiness and satisfaction at your workplace:

  • Create the right work environment
  • Create a good work-life balance
  • Be communicative and transparent
  • Take vitamins and exercise freely!
  • Future-proof development opportunities for satisfied employees
  • Regular feedback increases employee satisfaction
  • Think about the future
  • Joint events for team building

Our tips for satisfied and motivated employees

Long-term retention of good employees cannot live on good pay alone. Employee satisfaction can be increased in several ways, and there are many measures that you as an employer can quickly implement in your company. Recognition, appreciation, and respect are desired by employees, as are future-proof development opportunities and an excellent work-life balance.

Tip 1: Create the right working environment

A pleasant working environment, a properly lit and equipped workstation, and all the necessary work materials have been proven to increase employee satisfaction and thus also promote productivity and creativity. Frustration quickly rises when the computer takes hours to install updates or office supplies simply can’t be found.

With the help of a good lighting concept and sufficient daylight, you support your employees’ willingness to perform and promote health. The following applies to the correct lighting of the working environment: Younger employees require a lower illuminance (from 500 lux) than older employees or those with weakened eyesight (750 – 1500 lux).

Tip 2: Promote an excellent work-life balance

Nowadays, employees attach great importance to a good work-life balance. We no longer live just to work but want to enhance and maintain our quality of life. The rigid working time models known so far no longer meet the needs of many employees.

Therefore, you as an employer should show flexibility. Consider and discuss your employees’ situation and needs in individual meetings and offer flexible working models such as a home office or part-time. In this way, you support the well-being of your employees, lower the stress level, and promote a balanced and satisfied team.

To what extent this measure can be implemented, however, always depends on the respective industry. In retail, the home office will probably be of little use.

Tip 3: Be communicative and transparent

Open communication between employer and employee demonstrates transparency within a company and creates a pleasant working atmosphere.

As a boss, openly communicate all decisions that affect your team’s work – whether directly or indirectly, immediately or only in a few weeks. As an employee, you don’t want to be the last to know that the entire operating software is being changed or that work processes are suddenly being redesigned from scratch.

Involve your employees in such decision-making processes. Provide a permanent contact person who is there for the team and mediates in case of problems. This conveys a feeling of appreciation, promotes team building, and ensures satisfied employees. In this way, you can increase employee satisfaction and, at the same time, encourage the exchange of ideas and creative solutions.

Tip 4: Healthy Eating and Sports!

In our hectic everyday lives, we quickly forget to drink enough water and eat healthily. Statistically, we spend eight years of our lives at work. Therefore, as an employer, it is also essential to attach importance to the health of its employees. And not just to reduce the number of sick days.

Promote the health of your employees, for example, by providing fresh fruit and free drinks in the kitchen or the break room. In this way, you ensure a healthy supply of vitamins. If possible, offer your employees company and health-promoting measures, such as regular massages, company sports, or a subsidy for the gym. This ensures balance and keeps you fit!

Tip 5: Future-proof development opportunities for satisfied employees

As an employer, you can actively support the development of your employees and increase employee satisfaction in the long term. You can promote your team’s professional and personal growth and productivity through various opportunities for support and training.

Use regular feedback sessions to set individual development goals – training, conferences, online seminars, self-study, workshop, and on and on. The possibilities are numerous, and you offer your employees opportunities and long-term, future-proof perspectives in your company.


We hoped you enjoyed our workplace tips to promote happiness and healthiness amongst your employees. Remember, you don’t have to apply these tips all at once. We encourage taking baby steps on the road to improve the atmosphere of your workplace. This was brought to by Trusted House Painter.