id you know that some companies during the 2020 Covid-19 crisis made a fortune? For example, Tesla’s owner Elon Musk became the richest person on the planet during the pandemic. His companies made a tremendous success because he was working smart.

Most companies that managed to do this are in the tech industries. Your business doesn’t have to be in it, but with some changes, can come out of it growing.

We prepared a list of 5 tips that you might find interesting and will help you turn the situation around. If you’re struggling and you don’t know what to do, try some, or all of these, to see how it goes.

Use the internet rush hour

The precautions and suggestions from the World Health Organization are to stay home and avoid any social distancing. Some parts of the world didn’t really bother about this, so they spread the virus uncontrollably.

The governments almost everywhere around the world, at one point, made their citizens stay home by force. They announced a curfew. This way, everyone stayed home.

While home, people had nothing to do but find entertainment indoors. Most of them turned to the internet.

At the same time, people had to continue living their lives as before. Work, buy food, socialize. So, they started massively using social networks, communication apps, and search engines to find what they need to order and get at their doorstep.

This sudden rush hour gave businesses (and is still giving) the chance to reach new customers or retain the existing one via the internet. If you have a successful business, it’s great to use this rush hour and snatch as more customers as possible.

Invest in an affordable digital agency

This is the right time to invest in a digital marketing agency. With the vast competition these days, digital companies provide some truly affordable solutions. For monthly fees of some $500, you can get serious help for raising your online presence.

Search online and see who offers something remarkable. Ask the key questions; what will you get for working with them, and can they help you turn the situation around.

Abandon traditional marketing channels. They are entirely dead during the Covid-19 crisis. You need something digital. Something that will be seen by the masses who are at home in front of their computers.

Ask them what kind of coverage you will get. See their plans and digital solutions. Ask if they can help you with your SEO. Ask if they have social media management, and can they help with turning your site into an online retail store. Of course, if that’s what you do for life.

Cut some expenses by going online

Lots of businesses realized that not having the team in the office, and leaving all the vehicles parked will cut some serious expenses. This is something that you should consider if you’re still trying to work the old way.

Today, technology provides everything digitally. From financial transactions to delivery services. Try to downsize everything that you don’t need. Send people home and cancel the rent for the offices. Use blockchain for making transactions, register for zoom calls, and close the retail stores.

Employ some delivery personnel and work by getting orders through the internet. This is going to cut your expenses tremendously. You might see more profits by working like this, and it will definitely keep your head above water during the pandemic.

Get help from the government

All governments around the world came up with hep for the businesses struggling with the crisis. This help was more or less irrelevant in some industries, while others made use of it.

It doesn’t matter which one you fall into, make sure you apply for some of the packages. Lots of companies are reinvesting these funds into something else; something that might help their business in the future. If you have no idea what to do with it, use the second point – invest in digital marketing.

Learn new skills while at home

Every person should never stop learning. It doesn’t matter if you’re a successful businessman, you should never stop reading books and improving your skills. While home, find valuable literature in fields that you’re interested in. Spend some time learning new crafts or improving your existing skills.

If you’re an excellent salesman, get some books on economics, and see how you can make the best of the tax system in your country. This is just an example, of course. You might like app development or digital marketing. It’s up to you to decide how you’ll spend your time and make the best out of it for your business.


There’s no doubt that the Covid crisis is the worst thing that happened to this planet in decades. We had wars, global warming, other epidemics, but nothing quite like this.

Everyone struggles to get out of it intact. It seems impossible to do it, though. That’s why we all need to do everything we can to adapt and turn the situation around. Use these tips to see your business flourish again.