5 Tools Every Freelancer Should Know About

Freelancing is an excellent career choice now that remote work is becoming popular and you can make a great living without leaving home. Whether you’re a freelance writer or a business consultant, all freelancers have some business challenges in common, like perfecting invoicing, organizing their jobs, scheduling client jobs, and the like. With the right tools, each of these problems becomes a breeze to solve.

Here are five tools every freelancer should consider:

1. Invoicing

Invoicing is an underrated tool that makes a huge difference. Getting invoices paid on time with minimal fees is a constant struggle for contractors who are at the mercy of their clients’ schedules and budgets. The easier you can make this process, the faster you’ll get paid.

There are tons of invoicing software options out there, but a favorite for freelancers is Freshbooks. This cloud accounting software allows you to create professional invoices based on templates, often for free. You can also use their other features for simple accounting.

2. Note-Taking

Because of the nature of your work, you’re probably on the go a lot. You don’t have set hours, and you can work wherever you want. One might say you’re always on the clock because you’ll work in between professional obligations when you have time. A tool for taking notes whenever inspiration strikes will be invaluable for your work.

Evernote is among the most popular of note-taking tools. It’s an app that relies on cloud storage to keep your files, notes, receipts, and documents within reach at all times. You can use checklists and tags to stay organized. You can also take photos of important memos or reminders whenever you need, organizing them according to their importance.

3. Shareable Calendars

When you need to stay on the same page with your clients or other collaborators daily, a calendar that’s easily shared between all collaborators is invaluable to your operations. It will give you the flexibility to schedule appointments without a virtual assistant. This is particularly useful for freelancers in a consulting capacity or a similar industry.

Many remote workers use Google Calendar, which is a simple shareable tool for individuals to use. However, you might try Calendly. It’s essentially a virtual assistant that allows you to connect with Google Calendars to make appointments and stay organized with your clients. You can invite anyone to view your availability and schedule accordingly.

4. Editable Document Storage

A tool that allows you to store and share documents on the cloud is also invaluable to many freelancers. It’s the best way to connect and collaborate with clients and team members. It’s especially useful if you have a hands-on client who wants to see your progress and make their notes or edits along the way.

Google Drive is the most popular and reliable tool of its kind. It contains spreadsheets, documents, photos, and more that can all be edited and shared. With your permission, clients and collaborators can make comments or edit your content and create a more holistic perspective on a project. Best yet, most people have a Google account, which makes access to Google Drive simple and with a reduced learning curve.

5. Website and App Blockers

Many freelancers report that their greatest distractions are the many apps and websites they like to visit frequently. Social sites, games, video streaming sites, shopping apps, and more can be a major distraction when you have a looming deadline and little motivation to complete your work.

Look into apps that will block your ability to access these anti-productivity apps. Self-Control is a useful app downloaded from the internet that can block any websites or apps on your computer that serve as a distraction. Use it when you’re feeling unmotivated to remove all temptation – you’ll be surprised how quickly you get back on track!

This is a short list featuring a few of many, many tools for helping you stay productive and organized as a remote worker. You have the power to develop a successful career out of your freelance work—make the most of it by placing the right tools in your toolbox!