There’s no telling the effects COVID-19 is having on our outdoor freedom. Of course, when putting both our health and that of others into consideration, it’s a small sacrifice to pay considering the potential risk at hand. Here’s the real question: how have you weathered this period? Are you used to being up and about, meeting goals, and out of the house most of the day? If so, the lockdown measures have probably been tough on you. What if there was a way to keep your mind and body active amid the situation you’re in?

Don’t suspend your fitness and well-being goals because of the lockdown. Instead, find a routine that will keep your mind and body active during this period and stick to it.

1. Practice yoga and meditation.


It’s easy for negative thoughts to creep in while in lockdown, but these can have a major effect your overall well-being. Many people find meditating and practicing yoga helpful as a way to stay positive. These practices ensure both mental and physical wellness. Health care professionals like Dr. Faustino Bernadett, who are concerned about heart health and general welfare, cites the link between the emotional and the physical and encourages positive thinking for all, and especially seniors. Dr. Faustino especially encourages seniors to stay in contact with their families during these trying, solitary times.

Dr. Faustino began an incentive program in the United States, in association with Long Beach Adult Center, that provides isolated seniors who have been separated from their families the opportunity to contact them via cellphones and broadband. Isolated seniors need much more than their healthcare provider to stay mentally and emotionally healthy.

2. Walk around the house.

Thanks to the internet, there are now a great many ways to keep fit at home. Staying active doesn’t have to be extreme. It’s better to be consistent with fitness plans and get stronger gradually than it is to go all in and burn out in a few days. Know your limits, especially if you’ve had surgery or received medical advice telling you to take it easy. Pace yourself. Start with simply walking around the house. Then incorporate simple exercises that will promote joint, bone, and muscle health.

3. Do some domestic work.


For many, the lockdown has been a time to kick back and relax. No matter how sweet it seems, living a sedentary life increases the risks of chronic diseases. Not moving around for long periods can increase circulatory problems. Worse yet, it increases the chances of heart failure. So how else do you keep busy when your movement is restricted? Take advantage of domestic tasks like washing the dishes or mopping the floor to get active.

4. Take short active breaks

Try to think of ways to incorporate some fun into the work and tasks at hand. Anytime you feel the stress getting to you, add something fun and physical to your routine. Dance around the house, brainstorm fun activities to do with your partner, kids, or family, step outside and do some gardening. The trick is to keep both the mind and body busy as we work our way through the months of being stuck at home. Remember, staying positive will keep your mind at rest. What’s more, you’re more productive and healthier when you’re relaxed. Instead of throwing in the towel and working yourself up, take a break once in a while.

5. Get some fresh air.


Often we have fun activities in mind and these can be much more fun if we share them with others. Sharing them outside, we can retain a social distance and still enjoy ourselves. During this period, reaching out to family and friends might help our mind, heart health, and general well-being. So why not do some gardening or go for a walk in the park with a loved one? You’ll get some extra peace of mind by sharing the day with some additional company and the fresh air and sunshine will promote heart health and relaxation.