Leadership is an influence of personal power that creates a progressively advancing community towards a common purpose. Leadership is personal power, not positional power. The leader who uses his positional power and forcefully uses his power to make people work for him and his organization will never sustain for the long term. The moment he loses his power, people will leave him and will never come back to him.

5 Unforgettable Leadership Qualities for Successful Entrepreneurs:


A leader without a vision is not going to sustain in the industry for a long time. This quality creates the difference between a true leader and a normal person. A leader must have a proper vision to identify the need of the hour. He should be able to visualize what the world expects from them at the moment.


A true leader or an entrepreneur must be able to take risks as in business there is always a risk factor that makes many normal people stay out of doing business. So, if you are scared of taking risks, you are not going to be a successful leader or an entrepreneur.

Strategic Planning:

A proper plan is what a leader must develop to grow the business. A business without proper strategic planning cannot sustain for too long. When an entrepreneur plans to start a business he must have a proper strategic plan on why he is going to start the business, what are the risk factors, what the possible opportunities that can come in future are and how to grow.


As a leader, you need to identify and focus on the inner strengths of the business. That is the root of any business. Imagine the business as a tree which will grow with time and give fruits. Now the root of the tree must be strong enough to fight against the storms and thunders. So, you need to always pour sufficient water to the roots of the tree and make it stronger. In this case, you need to focus on the inner strengths such as the key employees through whom you get more business etc.

Common purpose:

As an entrepreneur when you are planning to start a business or expand an existing business, you must focus on building some idea that serves a common purpose. If you can create a business model that serves a common purpose by accomplishing the goals of common people then, you do not have to worry about the growth of your business, it will grow automatically.

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